Vehicle patrol services: Why you need them

When choosing a security service for a business, community, venue, or facility, the two most common options are standing officers and vehicle patrol services. Both are excellent options, and you can use them simultaneously. Still, there are differences between the security and protection offered by the two most common options.

Standing patrol services

Standing office security is an ideal option to protect the interior of a building, and the officers are located at the entrance to the property. Officers move around the limited area to allow optimal coverage while keeping response times as low as possible. They typically have a fixed schedule and route for patrolling, and they won’t go beyond that. This type of security guard patrol is effective, but there are limitations on the amount of ground a security guard can monitor and secure when on foot. They follow a pre-set patrol route that anyone planning on entering the area and causing damage, theft, or vandalism can easily detect. 

Vehicle patrol services

This type of security is used for larger and more complex outdoor locations. A security vehicle patrol provides the mobility needed for covering bigger grounds and facility yards. These officers are highly mobile and cover different routes throughout the property in a vehicle. This additional security guard equipment allows officers quick response while covering a more significant area.

The vehicle itself is equipped for this type of security patrol. The vehicles can be cars, trucks, or SUVs, and they have additional lights and communication elements that allow the professional to see the patrolling area clearly. These vehicles can also have electronic tracking devices, onboard computers, dash cameras, and sirens. Some may include LED spotlights and resistant systems, depending on the purpose of the vehicle. 

Advantages of hiring vehicle patrol

The technology available to the officer is such an advantage for the business because if an officer records any suspicious activity by the camera, he can report it through a computerized system directly from the vehicle. Also, using GPS tracking, he can provide specific location information for law enforcement.

Vehicle patrol services sometimes provide a significant deterrent in the areas they patrol, if needed. They can track any suspicious individual, which can be difficult for officers working on foot. 

What services vehicle patrol includes?

Vehicle patrol services include:

  • Checking your locks, windows, and doors
  • Locking and unlocking your gates
  • Checking pools, recreation rooms, patios
  • Garage and parking lot security guard
  • Interior inspections
  • Alarm response and code resetting

Armed and unarmed security guards

Whether armed or unarmed, our vehicle security guards are all licensed and highly trained. Our and their focus is always on protecting clients, guests, and the community as a whole.

Armed officers exceed the training standards required by the state law and must continually pass drug screening, training assessments, and background checks. They are trained to use pepper spray and batons and must pass the training assessments every few months.

Unarmed officers are also valuable for securing public spaces, special events, businesses, and residential areas. They are also licensed and provide rapid emergency response.

All officers are led by a team of experts for field supervision, many of whom have military or law enforcement backgrounds. This way, we ensure that all of your security needs are met on the job.

Why do you need vehicle patrol?

An intruder looks for a part of the property that seems unprotected to do his crime. Properties that don’t have a clear, secure presence in place are more tempting for the crime. That’s why vehicle patrol is one of the best ways to stop crime on your property. When an intruder sees the presence of an authorized van, they’ll think twice before breaking in. 

Final thoughts

If you own a large property that needs more security coverage than foot patrol alone can offer, this is just what you need. A vehicle security guard can cover larger properties quickly and efficiently with no part of your property left under-protected. When an emergency arises, you need protection fast. Vehicle patrol guards quickly get from one part of the property to another to deal with the potential threat. 

Vehicle patrol services will dramatically reduce break-ins, vandalism, and other crimes. Our fleet of patrol vehicles comes well equipped, our professionals well uniformed and educated to use the vehicles, and ready for any sort of patrolling.