11 security threats manned guarding can help you overcome

The security industry has developed, creating various specializations in a branch, each with its own narrowly defined duties and responsibilities. Security officers nowadays are trained and instructed to provide different types of security. However, clients usually find it confusing to comprehend the exact work scopes of various security models. Security guard patrol has dedicated today’s post to revealing the essence of manned guards and bringing you closer to the kind of services they provide and other characteristics. 

The market demands for manned security have significantly increased in the past two years due to newly created situations regarding COVID-19. Security guard patrol is developing strategies, coordination tactics, and efficient methods to provide highly responsive manned security services to its clients. manned security guarding

What is manned guarding?

The manned guarding includes the physical presence of security guards at the premises. Depending on the client’s requirements and needs, manned guards carry security patrol equipment and can be uniformed or plainclothes. However, a highly visible manned security officer is more effective in discouraging potential criminals. 

Security services offer various equipment for manned guars regarding the clients’ demands and necessities; for instance, carry buttons, stun guns or paper spray, or even firearms. In cases where manned guards have to perform and conduct night patrolling, officers might be equipped with trained dogs to expend high efficiency in surveillance and physical security.

Manned guards usually communicate with each other through two-way radios and cell phones. Communication between security guards is critical and essential in providing proficient service. Security guards must be able to inform each other about occurred activities and effectively direct and instruct others. 

Generally, manned security is a preferred security option in states with high physical risks. Even though manned security is not the same as police, these officers are highly trained to deter criminal activities and alert authorities in case of incidents.

Manned security guards are the best choice for securing shopping malls, industrial buildings, government properties, warehouses, crowded events, private properties, personnel, and other premises and assets.

Skills security personnel must have

Besides being highly trained and licensed to work as security officers, manned guards sometimes require a license for handling and carrying firearms. In cases when the facility or an individual is considered high risk, the client might require armed patrol. 

Manned guards should be proficient in making informative and precise reports about the occurrences in their shift, detail on arising incidents, night patrolling security checklists, and other relevant reports. 

Another skill that is nowadays considered necessary for security officers is to have tech-based practice and knowledge of modern telecommunication. Security services involve various technological equipment for monitoring, surveillance, and communication such as CCTV, video monitoring, access control systems, alarm systems, handling and proceeding these apparatus.

Besides the knowledge and training, security guards must have personal skills that allow them to perform their duties successfully. These attributes include:

  • objectivity,
  • emotional control,
  • professionalism,
  • attention to detail,
  • integrity,
  • sober thinking in critical situations,
  • the ability to evaluate the level of force applied in incidents that will be proportional to the force level of resistance and won’t exceed the necessary, etc.Considering a reasonable level of force means that insufficient force is ineffective while too much is excessive.

11 security challenges you can overcome with manned guarding

  • Prevent the incidents

As prevention is key to ensuring safety, the first task of manned guards is to be proactive before reactive. Detering crimes, theft, violations, damage, and injuries are the basis of manned security.

  • Securing from the house area, access control, and exiting

Although electronic security systems provide a certain level of safety and deter crimes, video monitoring is ineffective in reacting and performing in real-time incidents. Additionally, manned guards prevent unauthorized access, trespassing, and escort wanderers. 

  • Notifying about hazardous points

Additional security features, such as reporting about perceived building defects and unsafe areas, also fall under the guards’ duties. Besides, a guard can indicate a dangerous place due to insufficient lighting or other facility omissions or malfunctions.

  • Financial loss and insurance costs

Manned security guards protect property and valuable personal belongings and prevent insurance costs regarding thefts or damages. The presence of manned guards significantly discourages potential thieves and vandal behavior, reducing insurance expenses and preventing financial loss due to facility, inventory, goods, and other material features.

  • Protecting individuals from injuries and other types of assault

Security guards reassure the presence of guests, clients, and customers. With a friendly security officer on site, they can feel more relaxed and comfortable visiting the premises or residing in their homes. Knowing that there is a manned guard that observes and is ready to react to every suspicious person or activity brings clients a piece of mind.

  • Maintaining order by enforcing adherence to a certain manner of behavior, and remaining order

Besides preventing and reacting to theft, vandalism, and damage, manned guards perform in ensuring the following of the law, preventing unsafe guest and workers behavior. Certain businesses, government buildings, and public events require respecting particular behavior and following specific rules. Manned guards have a role in securing compliance with the rules and decent behavior.

  • Fire, flood, gas, or other emergency situations

Guards can secure the facility and personnel by activating alarm systems for arson, gas leaks, weather damage, water leaks, and other emergency cases and carrying out health and safety measures.

  • Ensures implementation of COVID-19 safety protocol

As COVID-19 has led to conveying specific security procedures, physical security will help you enforce health rules and measures regarding COVID-19. 

  • Neutralizes situations that can potentially escalate with violence

Security officers are trained to evaluate the level of the situation’s seriousness and react appropriately; they can react quickly and make fast decisions regarding urgency. 

  • Communication with authorities

Manned officers are in charge of communicating with police, and in cases of violation or theft, manned guards are legally authorized to detain offenders until law enforcement arrives. 

  • Promotes the healthy, stress-free working and living environment

Living or working in an environment that has safety risks or exposure to theft or damage can bring anxiety and worry on a daily basis and to everyday activities. Having manned guarding on the site brings a sense of security for business employees and owners and also for the client’s privacy and safety. With granted protection, you can focus on your tasks and goals, needless to worry about unexpected incidents, trespassers, and potential offenders. 

Final thoughts

As every site and client has their own bespoke requirements, you might need clarification on what to look for when hiring a security company that will ensure the kind of security you need. Our security agency provides tailor-made strategies to cover all your security requirements beyond the basic preconditions and standards. Feel free to contact us to secure your business, property, or personal safety, whether you require a professional security team or an ideal single physical security officer.