How many security guards per person do you need?

Once a business owner or private client decides they need a security guard, the next question is how many security officers they need to hire and what to look for when hiring a security company. The answer to these questions depends on your security needs. 

The required number of security officers is often determined by the following: 

  • the object of their protection, 
  • whether the client requires home, business, or event security, 
  • the size of the property, 
  • location, 
  • the number of individuals that reside in the property or the number of guests, and many, many others.

The security agency will evaluate the important aspects and estimate the level of risk for determining the right security plan and how many security guards are needed to meet those plans. That is one of the factors to consider when deciding on the right security agency for you. The only right choice is the agency that provides a professional approach and high-quality security services. Our security guard patrol is a knowledgeable security partner that considers all the factors before making a security plan and people-to-guard ratio, which is an essential feature for minimizing security risks and achieving security objectives.

Usually, besides hiring a security company to surveil and secure events, there are also other security measures that should be considered, such as CCTV security camera installation, access point monitor, electronic systems for access control alarms, and other security equipment that enhances the overall security of the event. how many guards per person

Aspects that we consider when deciding on the required number of security officers

Location of the event

The location of the event can play a significant role in determining the number of event security guards needed. If the location is in a troubled area, the number of security guards should be higher.

Size of the event property

The requirements of a security event are not the same for large properties and small ones. Large properties that encompass parking lots, additional facilities, many rooms, and entrances require more security officers to cover the venue. 

Number of people attending an event

The more people are present at an event, the more security guards are required to cover it. Security guards’ crowd control is necessary for an event that encompasses a large number of people. More security guards are needed for events with more persons involved in an event, including guests and personnel that serve at the event. 


If the event is something more like a party and not a conference, this usually involves serving alcohol to guests. Alcohol is a great contributor to risk evaluation as it significantly increases the risk of incidents. If alcohol is part of the event, more guards are required to ensure security.

Additionally, if the event encompasses the possibility that drugs might be smuggled in an event, the number of security guards should also be increased to provide party security.  

Type of event

The type of event significantly determines the number of security guards. If the event is something like a congress, conference, or seminar type, it requires fewer event security guards than for parties. Also, if the event involves the presence of VIPs (very important persons), celebrities, or HNIs (high-net-worth individuals) attending the event, such circumstances require more security officers.

Demographic structure

It’s certainly different when providing security for events with children, older people, or party security with numerous teenagers or young adults. This factor also determines the types of security guards involved. Events with childer usually require hiring both men and women security officers. Also, events with children or older people often don’t include armed patrol


If the property where an event takes place has a parking lot for guests and event organizers and service, you might require additional security guards who will secure the vehicles from stealing and damaging, ensuring orderly parking, ensuring that reserved parking spaces are not occupied by unauthorized vehicles, exporting guests to their vehicles and generally providing safety for a guest while in parking lot area.

Invitation mode

Many events get advertised publicly online through various social media platforms. If the event placed open invitations in social channels, it would require more security officers due to the unpredictable number and type of people that will attend the event. 

Business type

Different businesses encompass different risks and involve different risk levels. For instance, banks will require more security officers than restaurants. Besides the number, banks will also require different types of security guards with different security equipment.

Time of event

If the event is at night time, it might require more security officers than during the day. The night is a time when the risk of incidents significantly increases.

State of Things

This factor refers to the nature of the event. Major sports events can require more security event guards due to tensions and aggressive behavior driven by crowd psychology. Events such as those demand more security guards per person and security guards’ crowd control strategy.

Another example of how the state of things can affect the number of required security officers is the recent period of lockdown. Most businesses and events during the Covid pandemic required a few more security officers to obtain the following epidemiological measures and recommendations.

6 reasons to hire security guards for an Event

Security guards at an event not only provide physical protection and security from incidents but provide various other security services.

Access control security

No matter the event type or other event aspects, every event demands an access control security guard. These security guards present the first line of security by preventing unauthorized access and controlling entering and exiting. 

They provide night security

As nighttime is an attractive time for lawbreakers and burglars and is more prone to incidents, security guards are required to secure property, events, parking lots, and facilities during the night. Security guards take regular and unexpected patrols by night patrolling security checklist.

Additionally, security officers provide security for employees and guests by escorting them to their vehicles in parking lots after hours or after the event.

Discouraging potential offenders

Security officers on site are usually enough to maintain order by successfully discouraging potential offenders only by their presents. However, security patrol equipment usually includes more than just their uniform. Depending on the risks that the event involves, security officers might be equipped with batons, tasers, stun gun, and pepper spray.

They ensure the following of specific behavior

Security guards ensure the following of a particular behavior regarding the type of business and overall decent behavior. Also, they can oblige compliance with certain procedures.

They provide security in emergencies

Security officers can notice occurred risks of emergencies such as fire, floods, and other hazards. They are also trained and instructed on how to react in such situations and with safety and health protocols.

How many security guards per person is enough?

How many security guards per person are required varies from many aspects. There is no one ratio that suits all. However, the general ratio of guards to guests is:

  • less than 10 people and one entrance usually require one guard
  • between 10 and 50 guests, and two entrances require two or more guards
  • for between 100 and 300 people in the event, consider hiring at least four security guards but preferably 8
  • between 300 and 1000 guests demand a minimum of 15 guards, but for efficiently monitoring an event of 1000 people, it’s mandatory having around 30 security officers on site

Final thoughts

The above ratio, although general, does not apply to every event. For a precise evaluation of how many security guards per person are required for your event, contact us and discuss the preferences and particularities of your event with our experts. Our security company is experienced in securing all types of events that involve various risks. Our security staff is highly trained to provide a relaxed and safe environment for you and your guests to enjoy knowing that they are in safe hands.