How to secure your apartment from burglary: A comprehensive guide

Securing an apartment in a building can be pretty challenging due to various specifics, such as multiple building entries, the number of people who live there, and the constant traffic of apartment visitors. Therefore, our security guard patrol has made this comprehensive guide with practical tips that can help you secure your apartment from burglary but also listed different ways to increase apartment safety and ensure the security of the whole building. 

Apartment buildings are usually equipped with ID security and buzzers. However, these basic securities systems are insufficient and can even provide a deceiving sense of security. As an apartment complex is a high-traffic area: from residents, and their visitors, to delivery and service people, apartment buildings are a place where burglars can easily enter and blend in. Therefore, it’s essential to have additional security measures to keep burglars apartment from burglary

5 things that can increase the risk of burglary

1. Most burglaries happen during the daytime, as the burglars consider that during the day, most people are away from their homes.

2. Easy access. Unsecured entries and exits encourage burglars to break in. Vulnerable door locks, garage doors, and pat doors are the most common entry for burglars.

3. Low visibility. Despite the fact that during the day, burglars have less chance to run into apartment owners, nighttime is convenient for some burglars as the visibility is lessened, especially if the burglar is plotting to enter the apartment through the window. 

4. Minimal security. If the burglars don’t perceive obvious security equipment and even advanced security systems, they will consider the apartment an easy target.

5. Indicators that there is no one in the apartment. Approximately 72% of burglaries happen when residents are not at home.

How to secure your apartment from burglary

Lock up

Ensure that your door is locked. Although this might seem obvious and trivial, the statistic suggests that around 60% of burglaries happen through unlocked doors and windows. That especially applies to the windows left open in ground apartments, first-floor, and basement apartments. Make sure that your door is locked even when you are at the apartment. Additional door locks, deadbolt locks, spare keys, and door peepholes are security options that will provide you extra security referring to your apartment door.

Gate security

If your apartment is part of a larger complex, gated community security usually means a controlled gate, physical barriers, and a security force. Private security officers are typically hired by an apartment complex management. Besides monitoring a gate, they can patrol the apartment complex and alert authorities in case of suspicious activity. Our team of security experts has years of experience providing both individual apartment security and the security of buildings and large complexes. If you wonder how often should a security officer do patrols or what is the best practice for gate security, our specialist will gladly provide you with the answer.

Secure your key

When moving into a new apartment, request the lock change and supervise your spare keys. Avoid giving the spare key to any workers at your apartment renovation or maintenance. Also, avoid letting workers or any unknown person into the apartment unless you are in the company of someone you can trust.

Know your neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors and finding the ones you can trust allows you to watch one another’s apartments when you are away. Neighbor groups can also be a convenient way to include all building residents to participate in securing the building and making collective decisions regarding the implementation of new and advanced security options.

Consider the lights

Lights are a valuable deterrence asset for nighttime burglars. If you plan to be away for a prolonged time, consider using a light timer to turn the lights in your apartment on and off. 

Advanced security system

This system considers a wireless approach and is more convenient than traditional systems due to its portable aspect and no need for drilling walls and hooking up the wires. These systems offer advanced monitoring systems that perform 24/7 and can alert you in cases of noticing suspicious activities or detecting any emergency. Additionally, you can monitor security cameras on your smartphone and inform the authorities when the alarm is triggered. Besides the security and safety advantages this system provides, it also saves money you will probably have to pay for renters insurance.

Basement and French doors security

Although glass doors can be a beautiful detail in your home, basement sliding glass doors and French doors provide opportunities for burglars. As they are difficult to secure, they represent a significant safety risk. To achieve the required results of securing the glass door, install the adequate glass door lock, get the security bar for sliding doors, and install smart sensors. 

Secure the garage doors

Ask building management to install the security systems in garage doors. An automatic garage door opener and sufficient lightning will increase the safety of apartment dwellers and deter potential burglars. 

Don’t let mail gather

When on vacation, your mail might pile up. Magazines, subscriptions, posts, promotions, and merchandising material can quickly gather without daily picking up. That can provide a burglar with a notion of inactivity and the idea that you are away and might not return soon. To prevent mail accumulation, you can contact your local post to hold your mail or ask your neighbor or relative to pick it up until you return. Asking someone to collect your mail daily is an even more convenient way to deceive burglars as this will imitate your daily routine.

Additional security features

Additional security features that assist on how to secure your apartment from burglary are inexpensive window alarms, security hinges with tamper-proof pins for door sheds, and other useful tools that are very affordable and can help make your doors and windows more secure. 

The human factor in apartment security

Besides all the technical and practical security measures, we must not forget about the human factor as the most reliable way of security. As some apartment complexes have a higher risk of intruders and burglary, they might require armed patrol. Security guards are instructed to recognize any suspicious activity before it becomes a threat and is adequately equipped to react. Security patrol equipment, besides firearms, also includes other tools such as pepper spray, flashlights, teasers, batons, and communication gadgets.

Following the safety protocols by all tenants is crucial in obtaining the apartments’ security. However, sometimes it’s challenging to achieve cooperation, and it’s necessary to involve security officers and companies. On the other hand, many are unsure about what to look for when hiring a security company. The answer can be narrowed to one answer – the right security agency is the one that can provide you with the just right security that compliments your specific needs.

Final thoughts

The subject of how to secure your apartment from burglary is the most common among apartment complex residents as they usually feel unsecured, especially in large buildings in a big city. To ensure your apartment security feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with advanced security features that will suit your needs and apartment preferences. Also, our expert team can tailor the security system and procedures especially created to respond and meet the highest security requirements of the apartment, as well as to provide security for a large apartment complex.