Corporate Building Security: Keeping Your Employees and Property Safe

Security is a prerequisite for successfully performing a business. Therefore, companies are constantly seeking efficient ways to increase the security of their business and employees. That includes spending a lot of resources to provide an adequate business security system. Compared to most other objects of security, financial services firms usually require a robust protection system. Security guard patrol is an experienced agency in the field of corporate building security and understands all the risk factors corporate businesses face, bringing an adequate security solution for each. corporate building security

What challenges do corporate buildings face?

Corporative security implies the safety of employees, property, material possessions, and digital assets and information.

When it comes to specific challenges that the corporation faces, its primary concerns are:

  • The physical safety of its employees.
  • The security of information and valuables.
  • Preventing property damages and stealing.

As the corporate building often has many entries and exists and facilities with restricted entry, one of the main issues in preventing incidents is securing unauthorized access. Besides preventing possible incidents, securing an office building from break-ins after hours is as important as protecting the building during the daytime. Access security also considers unaccounted visitors and stolen identifications.

7 ways to ensure corporate building security

Securing a cooperative building and its employees requires various security methods that include technology and human sources. Besides the physical and technological factors, it’s essential to understand the individual needs of the particular corporation and to apply the resources with a specifically developed security program for every aspect of the corporation.

1. Visual deterrence

Visual deterrence is usually considered a first line of defense. This security measure discourages potential offenders with its visually apparent security officer. Security guards in uniforms in prominent places and entries clearly signify to opportunists that the building and corporation staff are secured.  

Besides security officers in a place, powerful discouragement for criminals are the notable presence of surveillance cameras and access control systems at the gates and doors. 

Modern gadgets and technology have a tremendous deterring effect on potential lawbreakers. Using contemporary technology enables a security system to mimic the presence of employees in a building by programming lights to turn off and on in different building parts after hours.

Besides communication tools, security patrol equipment might also include pepper sprays, teasers, and firearms, which convey a powerful message to potential offenders.

2. Securing parking lots

Parking lots and remote buildings as a part of the corporate property are also a place with an increased security risk. Installing video surveillance and motion-activated lights is one part of security measures. The second one is the presence of security guards. The parking lot security guard duties are to patrol and notice any suspicious activity that might occur in a parking lot but also other parts of the corporate property outside of the office building. 

Security guards are trained to perceive potential weak points of the property and suspicious behavior. Their duties include:

  • keeping an eye on the gates, escorting
  • corporation clients and employees to their vehicles, and
  • ensuring visitors do not occupy reserved parking places.

Security officers in charge of the external part of the security solution provide a patrol of corporate premises to prevent vandalism and ensure people’s safety. How often should a security officer do patrols depends on the size of corporate properties and risk evaluations, but the average time for patroling is every hour. 

Having security guards is an effective way to secure points that other types of surveillance can not cover.

3. Access control technology

This technology provides control of the moving activity of people inside a building. This security measure includes the utilization of a scalable card access system. ACT allows people in the building to move and access different building levels and offices according to their selected authority. The most significant advantage of the ACT system is securing the areas with sensitive files. The security solutions that the ACT system offers include keypads with security codes and biometric readers.

The access control systems should be regularly updated as short-term and former employees might still have access keys or its copy, or the access cards might be stolen or lost. 

4. Inside the building security guards

Besides technical security solutions, having a security guard inside a building is the most effective way to secure corporation employees and visitors. Although video surveillance is a way to discourage thieves, the physical security of the people can only be ensured by having security guards. Security officers are trained to prevent possible incidents, protect employees from violent visitors and restrain offenders until police arrive. They are trained to apply security measures that consider safety protocols in cases of fire, earthquake, or flood and instructed to maintain compliance with corporation procedures, policies, and behavior in the workplace.

Providing a sense of safety in employees donates to the more efficient performance of work tasks. With a security guard on sight, clients and employees feel safe, therefore able to concentrate on their work, knowing that the security officer is trained to restrain potential vandals and react in cases that someone pounces on the employee. The ability to instantly react makes in-sight security guards the supreme security factor.

Security guards can be equipped with firearms. Armed patrol is usually hired by financial services firms and other corporations operating with significant cash or sensitive material and information. 

5. Corporate building security system

Building security also means having a control system that monitors and controls electricity in the building, mechanical features, fire, smoke detection, emergency communication, and other technical and digital aspects. This also means having an automated system that controls automatic door locking in cases of burglary. Corporations ensure the functioning of systems by updating and maintaining building security software. 

6. Cyber secure systems

Today’s world relies on digital information. Corporations operate with important data whose security is just as, if not even more, important than other corporations’ property. Besides building security software, corporations invest serious funds in computer software to secure valuable information and confidential data. 

7. Security management and policies

To ensure corporate building security, it’s essential to have a security strategy and management team. After an in-depth understanding security needs and requirements of our clients, our team of professionals evaluates threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to develop a security plan and effective building security solutions. After establishing security systems and protocols, it’s important to have a security management team to ensure that everything functions coherently and that all human and tech security factors perform according to security policies.

Are you looking for corporate building security services?

If you are looking to secure corporative buildings and employees but don’t know how to decide on the right security company or what to look for when hiring a security company, you have come to the right place. Our company provides professional security services to cover the protection in every aspect. Contact us for professional evaluation and development of a security plan based on a personal approach. As solid security requires high organization, experience, technology, and adequate training of security personnel, our security agency stands as the most credible in the area.