In Dallas and the neighboring locales, the unemployment rate is slightly below that of the entire US. This is mainly due to the types of industries which are prevalent in that part of the state, as well as the smart business decisions being made by their executives. According to the US News website, the leading industries in and around Dallas are technology, financial services and defense. In the Fort Worth area, oil and gas, manufacturing and aviation lead the way.

It’s no small matter that defense is included in that list and though it’s a bit different from security, it does include that as well. Considering the high stakes of any of the listed industries, it’s no wonder that security firms have been booming as well. No big business can grow stable without adequate security measures, and though the unemployment rate in Dallas is fairly low, crime still strikes in a myriad of ways, most of which escape the planning of non-security focused organizations.

While it’s the company’s job to grow the industry and stay competitive, it’s a security firm’s job to develop contemporary tactics and services to target key vulnerabilities to which any business may be susceptible.

Those companies posing higher risk, higher public involvement, or higher monetary circulation are no strangers to a higher than average potential for criminal attack. Thus, most successful businesses employ adequate security, tightening up their safety measures, making sure their employees and the company’s assets are well out of harm’s way.

From front desk, to uniformed security, to bodyguards, a security firm provides the armor to any otherwise lucrative endeavor. Covering all those bases leaves the organization free to focus and grow in the industry of choice, and, in turn, supports the upkeep of the low rate of unemployment which Dallas and its surroundings have managed to maintain.