The Best Security Guard Service in Miami

Alert Patrol offers professionally trained armed and unarmed security guard patrols. With over 15 years of experience, we provide security services for individuals, businesses, and schools. Whether you are a local restaurant or hotel owner or simply need someone for your safety, we can help. 

What Do We Offer?

Front Deck Security Guard

The front desk security guard is responsible for answering the phone and ensuring the whole lobby area. Their position enables a great look at the door, elevator, or stairs, so anyone who enters the building needs to pass by them. If someone attacks your property or tries to commit a criminal activity like theft, the receptionist will see it right away on the security cameras and call the backup. During that time, the receptionist can notice any suspicious behavior and stop it immediately. 

Our team did a great job in security guard training, and we can tell that depending on the size of that building, you might need an armed security guard

As an owner of the business, you have all responsibility for the safety of your guests and employees. Having a front desk security guard might help prevent usual problems like thefts or even fights. Being conscious about the worst possible scenarios and preparing for the same is a half job done. That’s why we recommend our security guard patrol. 

Uniformed Security

Security guard service Miami can secure health facilities.  Our security guard will be staggered near the entrance and down the halls. We can only tell that their presence might prevent tragic events or accidents. Hiring a uniformed security guard might terrify potential predators or make them change their minds and not commit any crime. You don’t really know how patients or visitors will respond to some bad news that is sometimes inevitable. It’s good to be prepared. Also, parking lot security guards are necessary. This job requires so much patience and training, but we assure you that our team is the best. Just the night patrol can be dangerous, and security guards need to be armed. Predators attack primarily at night, but our parking lot security guards have a weapon license and special self-defense skills. 

Securing Events

Organizing huge events and festivals can be difficult. Having crowd control is the crucial part. That’s why we recommend security guard service. Ensuring everyone is safe and having an excellent time is their primary goal. Many sporting events and competitions attract thousands of people, which makes them vulnerable. Even if you think that terrorist attacks are rare and that it is almost impossible for them to happen to you, we have a problem here. Security guard service Miami is here to help you make sure everyone is safe in any possible situation. 

If you need this type of service, feel free to contact us. With an excellent organization and a highly professional team, we will surely listen to all your wishes and create an individual plan based on your requirements and budget. You don’t have to worry about anything. We got you covered.