6 reasons you should consider part-time security jobs

Choosing a career can be a complicated process. It has a significant impact on your lifestyle, happiness, and satisfaction, so you have to choose wisely.

It would help if you start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Do you want a job that requires you to be physically active?
  • Are you looking for a flexible work schedule or strict working hours?
  • Do you like working with people and outside?
  • Do you want to gain new experiences and skills?

Answering these questions leads to a better understanding of your personality, career preferences and guides you in the direction of security jobs.

Reasons to consider part-time security jobs

Security guards are needed 24/7, so that allows multiple scheduling options. If you can’t cope with the monotony of a nine-to-five job, a security career may be a better option for your personality. Security jobs can also be a great choice for those seeking a part-time job, considering their flexibility and an excellent opportunity to earn money. What makes this type of job even more perfect to be part-time are:

This is a sustainable job

Nowadays, technology develops so fast that many job positions are at risk, and you can never know what jobs will be, and if so, when they will be replaced. Security cameras, alarms, and advanced systems can never replace a professional when dealing with threatening situations. Security guards don’t have to worry about this as no machine can replace them.

This job teaches you valuable skills

Many skills are required for this industry, but it also teaches you some, such as communication, handling different types of people and circumstances, and controlling your emotions. Your safety and effectively performing your duties are always the priority, so these skills will come in handy as you’ll meet with a wide range of situations and people.
Security work requests you to keep your body and mind active, and most jobs will allow you to maintain and improve your physical condition.

This job is perfect for preparing you to work under pressure

Very few jobs put you in this type of situation. Security guard jobs prepare you to work under pressure. These skills come in handy both in your professional and personal life.

It’s a great stepping stone for service industries

As there is a lot of intersection with service industries such as police or defense forces, having experience in security jobs, even part-time, will have major benefits if you have ambitions to move into them. Many skills you develop working security jobs will apply to these positions.

You’re performing a valuable service

We all tend to make a difference at our jobs and feel fulfilled when helping others. Security jobs enable that. You control dangerous situations and make sure people stay safe, which provides strong job satisfaction.

This is a high demand job

Security guards and other security jobs are full-time or part-time jobs that are always in high demand because of the constant need for security professionals. Security professionals don’t just work at the club’s entry; there are many other duties meaning there are many options you can start on if this is your start at a career as a security guard.

Different positions 

Security jobs vary in their specializations and employment opportunities. Besides their standard, required roles, many other responsibilities depend on the chosen assignment field. Security guards are requested anywhere (at a shopping center, music events, private parties, an airport, and many others). Part-time security jobs have the same position options as full-time security jobs. Security guard services include the following:

  • Screener to ensure safety and security by observing and inspecting plane passengers.
  • Security guard to maintain order and safety from hazards and threats at all sorts of public events.
  • Surveillance officer – to protect individuals and their properties from illegal activity.
  • Patrol officer whose job is to patrol an area to maintain order and ensure the area’s safety.
  • Security escort/bodyguard to protect private parties or individuals who need protection.
  • Security officer has similar duties as security guards do, but they sometimes supervise other guards. A security officer needs to be the connection between agencies and guards and be the emergency guard when incidents occur.
  • Security engineer develops and tests various security software.

What skills should you own for your part-time security jobs?

There are a few skills that are desirable for these types of jobs, and those are:

  • The ability to observe the environment
  • Communication skills
  • Be able to follow instructions, both written and verbal
  • A reasonable level of physical condition
  • The ability to make quick decisions and stay calm and controlled in stressful situations
  • The confidence to challenge people when necessary
  • Honesty and positive attitude to work

Also, you need to be aged 18 or over and pass the identity and criminal record checks. Other essential skills you will gain during necessary security guard training.

Final thoughts

If working as a security guard didn’t sound so appealing in the past, maybe now is the time to reconsider it. It can be a great part-time job for you. And being a security guard isn’t just another one of the meaningful jobs you can have. It also comes with many benefits.

If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra money, part-time security jobs are an excellent opportunity for you. It also teaches you how to behave in certain situations, and you can use these skills in many life’s challenges.

If you’re interested in becoming a security service employee and think you’re suitable for this job, you can fill out our job application.