5 Reasons To Hire Lobby Security

A company’s lobby is more than just a place to receive customers. It’s a place and an opportunity to leave an impression. Although, the first impression doesn’t provide much information about your company, it’s an impression that lasts and sets the tone for a person’s future relationship with your company. A well-designed and well-organized lobby sends a message of professionalism and sophistication. But if you have a professional security officer who greets people, you also send out a message that you take the security of your customers and employees seriously. That’s why security guard patrol experts highly advise hiring lobby security for your office building. Your lobby security guard is the first person people will interact with when they enter your office building and the first line of defense against any threat.

Reasons to hire lobby security

The contribution of a lobby security officer to not only the safety of the building, but also the smooth running of the business is immense. A building’s lobby is its most vulnerable area. All the people that enter the building pass through it, both employees and customers; therefore, the lobby must be well managed and kept under surveillance.

Increased building safety

One of the key rules of securing a building is that security starts with the entrances and exits. Everything else adds up to the foundation. But if a proper foundation is not well established, that opens the door for various security breaches. Adequate visitor management and access control have to be maintained. Any potential intruder, whatever their intentions may be, has to be stopped at the entrance. If they are let into the interior, the spaciousness and complexity of an office building can give them enough space to cause damage or harm before they can be stopped and caught. In addition to that, the notion that their workspace is not effectively secured and open to threats can be very stressful to the employees.

Therefore, having a professional security officer at the entrance of the building nips any potential threat in the bud. The very presence of a uniformed officer is the first step in risk prevention. Visitor management conducted by the officer ensures that no troublemaker manages to enter the interior of the building and therefore is not even given a chance to cause harm. That way, the employees know that they work in a completely safe and secure environment, which gives them peace of mind and lets them focus on their work stress-free. A well-secured lobby means a safe building.

Improved customer service

Just as the sight of a uniformed officer appears threatening to potential troublemakers, so does it appear welcoming to ordinary customers. The very notion that you have understood the importance of hiring a professional security officer and proceeded to do so will create a significant dose of respect for you and your company. Your customer service will greatly improve. Customers will not only feel safe within your building but also understand that they are dealing with a well-organized, professional company. In addition to that, the security officer will engage in visitor management and welcome your customers and interact with them in a friendly manner, providing information and guiding them around the building if needed.

Support for your lobby staff

The security officer will take care of various matters so that your lobby staff does not have to. They will conduct visitor management and maintain access control around the building. They will provide:

The security officer will also keep track of all security matters and write regular security reports. That way, your lobby staff can invest more time and effort into performing other duties.

Better monitoring

Aside from visitor management and access control, the security officer will constantly monitor your security camera screens. They will vigilantly monitor the whole building at all times. Suppose this duty is assigned to the lobby staff. In that case, they may not be able to adequately dedicate their attention to the camera screens as they would be frequently distracted by other duties they are performing. Not only that, but they may also miss suspicious behavior even while looking at the screens since, unlike the security officer, they are not specifically trained to identify it.

Internal issues

Last but not least, in addition to keeping your customers and employees safe from outside threats, a security officer also deals with any internal threats within the building. Besides the lobby, office security is another vital matter for a company. Whether a conflict arises between employees regarding problems with their work or that issues from private life make their way into the office, internal incidents occasionally happen. In such a situation, a security officer will respond adequately in order to deescalate the situation and resolve the conflict.

Duties of a lobby security guard

A lobby security guard is not a passive figure. Although their very presence in a uniform is enough to deter most potential trouble, their job is much more than just standing in the lobby. So, what exactly are the duties of a lobby security guard?

  • Detecting threats – Security officers are trained and able to detect any suspicious behavior that would otherwise go unnoticed. Once a threat is detected, they respond appropriately.
  • Customer service – They are friendly faces that greet customers and guide them around the building if needed. Customers will see that you take matters of security seriously and will appreciate your efforts.
  • Keeping customers safe – They ensure that every customer is safe from any possible threat during their stay in your office building.
  • Keeping employees safe – They protect employees from intruders, hostile customers as well as internal disputes.
  • Staff identification – They identify all the employees that enter the office area, ensuring that potential intruders don’t manage to infiltrate themselves amongst the staff. In addition to that, they monitor who enters especially secure areas, ensuring that only authorized employees do.
  • Crowd control – Security officers are trained in crowd management and are the ones to keep things under control whenever a large crowd forms, be it a crowd of customers on a busy day or a crowd of employees in case of an emergency in the building.
  • Staying vigilant – Security officers are always alert and keep an eye out for potential threats at all times.

Final thoughts

Your lobby is the most vulnerable part of your office building, so securing it is essential for the smooth running of your business. All the employees and customers that enter the office area do so through the lobby, but not only that, your lobby also sets the first impression about your company. That’s why it’s crucial to have a professional security officer conduct visitor management and maintain access control in the lobby. They will not only provide security to everyone in the building but also give your lobby an appearance of professionalism and sophistication that customers will greatly appreciate. So, if you plan on hiring a lobby security guard, get in touch with us, and we will ensure that your lobby, as well as the whole building, is properly secured.