How to ensure security for your cannabis dispensary?

Cannabis remains a Federal Schedule 1 controlled substance despite the continued legalization across the United States and other countries worldwide. If you own a cannabis dispensary in some of these states, you need security. It is like any other commercial building as it holds valuable assets.

Cannabis dispensary security is important to guard the employees, customers, the product and any other assets around. The dispensary is attractive to burglars because of the value of assets and also the on-site cash. It does not matter whether your cannabis dispensary is medical or recreational, you require security, for example by hiring a warehouse security guard.

Let’s see how you can implement dispensary security.

Use access control for your dispensary

The dispensary requires access control, whether it is a warehouse or it is in a commercial building. There are areas of your dispensary that should only be accessed by authorized individuals. You should make it part of your night security checklist to review the access activity throughout the day. If there are any concerns, you can address them with relevant members of your staff.

Access control requires that you lock certain sections and use smart locks, such as those that use biometrics to unlock. You can also have a security guard patrol on site to ensure that the right people move in and out of these areas. There are usually exceptions, for example, if an investor is visiting. In this scenario, they should be accompanied by authorized individuals.

Training the staff

Even if you have security guards patrol in your dispensary, employees should have basic security training. For example, they should know what to do in an emergency and how to detect malicious activity.

Also, there are cannabis laws that need to be followed to ensure efficiency of operations. It is part of security as it will make sure that the right people are purchasing your product and for the correct purpose.

They should keep customers safe and create a welcoming environment. They should watch over them to handle cases of petty theft, or other issues that might endanger them. Staff should be willing to collaborate with the dispensary security to keep the premises safe.

Video surveillance

It is useful to monitor your dispensary security and business processes. Security cameras or CCTVs have many benefits that you could use in your business. Cloud based systems allow you to surveil the cannabis dispensary from a remote location. You can do so even when you are on the move. How convenient it is.

When looking for a video surveillance vendor you should ensure that they can give you real-time footage and in high quality. The footage should preferably be 480pixels and over. You’ll also need a reliable high speed internet provider. The staff and customers might also need to use the internet so that should also be part of the considerations when subscribing to an internet package.

Securing transportation

It is part of your dispensary security. If you are receiving orders worth a lot of money for delivery, it is reasonable to secure the transportation. Also, cannabis products transportation has certain regulations to follow. It is not like an ordinary grocery delivery. Confirm with your state laws, as they vary.

If you are sending out a driver to deliver products, they should be accompanied by a security guard. They might be unloading products at different points, and they are vulnerable during these times.

A professional security guard should be around, to watch out for them, to prevent theft and secure any cash transaction. You’ll be protecting your business operation and assets. 

Diversion prevention

Theft or burglary is not always external, and it can be inhouse. When implementing dispensary security, you need to monitor every individual, at exit and entry points and during operations to prevent malicious activity. It will ensure that your products and assets are well taken care of. Video surveillance and having a security guard on patrol comes in handy for this.

Statistics show that cannabis dispensaries’ losses result from employee theft. For example, an employee might be looking to sell your product or assets independently to gain extra profit. Your dispensary requires inhouse security protocols to regulate such incidences.

Employee theft can result because of psychological issues. As part of safety, you should look to check on their personal well-being. You can act accordingly to avoid their issues sabotaging your business.

Data security

Operating a cannabis dispensary is like any other business where you’ll be handling user data. It does not matter whether you are using technological solutions or you’re collecting information manually. What matters is that you can secure user data to prevent leakage. Examples of the type of information you should secure include access control lists, transactions, and general business activity.

You need security services to protect the data storage assets. For example, you might be having a data server on the premises or anywhere else. You need to be keen that it is accessed by authorized individuals and they use it responsibly. 

Final thoughts

Alert Patrol is a company that provides security services. If you want to secure your cannabis dispensary, feel free to contact us, and we can get the partnership going. We guarantee top tier security services, and we are looking forward to having you on board. Having exceptional dispensary security gives you a good platform to operate your business. You mitigate many risks, and you’ll set yourself up for success. You’ll increase profitability and gain confidence from your clients.