What to look for when hiring a security company?

No matter the reason, you decided to hire a security company. If you’re searching for one, you may not know how to and can easily be convinced by offers that sound good, but in practice, they’re not. Choosing the right security company can be a challenging task as there are tons of options out there. We’re here to advise you on what to look for and ask when hiring a security company.

When seeking a security company, where do you even start?

Before anything else, you have to do self-evaluation. This includes getting to know what kind of security you need and the purpose of hiring one. Take some extra time to go over your specific needs. Then you can move on to evaluation. 

You want to hire a professional security company to:

  • Prevent crimes
  • Add a sense of heightened awareness
  • Improve customer service
  • Provide a quick response time
  • All-time surveillance
  • Create a safe business environment
  • Promote a sense of order
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Have someone handle security situations properly 

What to look for when hiring a security company

Is the company licensed?

Before you hire any security company, make sure they are properly licensed. The license ensures that every employee is adequately screened with a background check.
Unlicenced guards may be cheaper, but they’re probably not appropriately trained.
If you need security for multiple locations across different states, make sure they satisfy the state’s law as every state has different requirements.

How do they screen job candidates?

A security company’s workspace is its most vital element. Having a competent team that can be relied upon lies in the right hiring process. Proper security candidate screening should be dynamic and consist of multiple procedures. One of the most important is the criminal background check as someone with a criminal background isn’t the best candidate. Another critical component is checking candidates’ previous job references. We can go on and on with important security guard candidate components, but that is not why you’re here, so let’s get back to the topic.

Is the staff adequately trained?

The majority of security companies out there, before hiring someone, make sure they’ve completed some type of security guard training. But every state has different requirements for training, education, and qualification for security guards, so before settling for a certain security company, you should get familiar with the requirements in your state and make sure that the security guards of that company are prepared according to them.

Specialization service

Every company will have different skills and experiences that make them suitable for different types of people’s needs. Even though many of them start out in certain industries, they expand out to others over time. But also many tend to specialize in one type of security guard services and work for the same circle of clients. You want to know what the company can offer so you can trust them to secure your property or keep your employees safe. Make sure the company you opt for is a good fit for you. The company should be able to match the skills of its employees to your specific needs.

Are they monitored?

It shouldn’t be your responsibility to monitor and supervise the security guards employed by the security company you hired, even if you have ways to do it. It should be handled by the company. Feel free to ask the company about strategies they use to do so. Knowing this will help you ensure that the security guards you get will be productive.

Are the guards armed or unarmed?

You want to know whether the guards carry weapons or not. If the answer is yes, you want them to be appropriately trained to use their weapon, so we go back to number 3 of this list. You should also be able to choose whether you want them to be armed or not.


If you’re hiring a security company for your business, even if the guards are properly trained, you might want additional security provided with various technology tools. Having both can’t be a bad strategy. Many security companies offer diverse technology solutions, so feel free to see what their possibilities are depending on your needs.

How to get in touch

The security company must be easy to get in touch with because if you have any kind of problem, whether it’s technology or a security guard, you want easy access at any time to someone in charge.

Pricing options

This is not crucial in what to look for when hiring a security company, but it can make the final sentence.
Once you decide on the company, you should choose which type of contract you are up for. Different contracts mean different pricing and length of providing the service.

What other customers say

Always look at the reviews and see the company’s reputation, as there’s no better way to evaluate it. And don’t just look at the stars, but take time to read the reviews. Other customers gave their honest reviews from a perspective that can be really helpful. One bad review doesn’t always have to be a bad sign. Take it as a sign the company agreed to improve some of its offerings. A couple of bad reviews is a red flag. You can always contact the company itself and ask for their references. If they’re not willing to give them to you, you may consider hiring another company.

Management plan

Make sure to check a company’s website – it is a picture of how defined and structured their service is. You should see if the company evolved over time and how. It should be up to date and have the majority of the information you need. 

Final thoughts

Security companies can be hired for many different occasions such as private parties, weddings, nightclubs, business, etc. The competitive rate for the security industry tends to be relatively high. Incorporating answers to these questions of what to look for in a security firm into your vetting process, you’ll be able to get plenty of information you need when hiring the right security service company for you. Still, keep in mind there are plenty of other questions worth asking for; these are the key ones. They should help you narrow down your options and make it easier to find one that suits you and your needs. You can also ask for a security patrolling checklist so you make sure that the guards and the company you hire entirely comprehend what you expect from them.

If you need a security company, maybe Alert Patrol is the one for you. We take pride in being completely transparent with our clients, so feel free to call us, and we can go through all the information you need.