Which Types of Hotel Security Your Resort Need to Have?

The number one priority of each hotel should be the safety of their guests and employees. When guests pick a hotel to stay in, there is literally no one concerned about the security measures. The main reason is when someone says hotel, the first thing that comes to your mind is an excellent reputation for safety and comfort. That is primarily because the owner needs to pay special attention to every detail and prepare to deal with several risks, including fraud, natural disasters, and crime. Especially when talking about more expensive and larger hotels, different types of hotel security systems are must-have. 

All decisions concerning security deserve careful thought, but we are here to help you with that. Take a look at our list of indispensable security measures: 

Front Desk Security Guards

When guests enter the hotel, they will probably see receptionists in the first place. They are well-trained professionals whose role is to lower theft, vandalism, liability and respond to alarms and emergencies. At some point, they are the first line of defense against any threat. Front desk security guards need to welcome anyone who approaches the front desk and assist as needed. Also, this job requires strong communication and organization skills. They have to answer questions, phone calls, and messages and schedule appointments, meetings, or travels in this position. They need to carefully observe everything in the hotel and make the end-of-day report covering daily activity and every incident. This job may sound like an ordinary receptionist job, but it’s not like that. That position on the front desk enables them to protect the office building by monitoring activities and watching every suspicious behavior. Receptionists can also decide when an incident is an emergency and immediately call for help. Because of that, there are security guard patrol services that are spending time looking for some strange behavior by patrolling at regular intervals. 

Video Surveillance Systems

Every high-end hotel needs to have video monitoring devices installed on its premises. These types of hotel security are necessary, and they are definitely an excellent investment. If you don’t have them yet, make sure to install them as soon as possible because it can affect your hotels’ reputation. Hypothetically, if some precious item of your guest is missing, it’ll be almost impossible to find who took it. That’s why you need this security system that consists of cameras, recorders, and monitors.

Alarm Systems

This is a very complex system consisting of local, contact, remote, and fire safety alarms.

  • Local alarms are not hard-wired to a central monitoring location. Just one of the examples could be an alarm integrated with the panic hardware on a fire exit. When the exit door is opened, the alarm gets triggered. 
  • Contact alarms are silent alarms that are equipped in the cashier areas or storerooms. The alarms are silently transmitted to the telephone room or police department. 
  • Remote alarms are particular types of hotel security, and they rely on some transmission. Microwave detectors are designed for detecting motion through transmission and reception of electromagnetic energy.
  • Fire safety alarms are required by law, and you definitely need them in your hotel. There are different types of these alarms, but they are functioning on the principle of smoke detection. When the smoke is detected, the alarm is triggered, and it warns your guests and employees to evacuate. One reason why
  • smoking cigarettes is forbidden inside the hotel is that it can activate these alarms.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is the most dangerous gas, and generally, it can be produced as a by-product of an HVAC unit, kerosene heater, or multifunctioning water heater. It’s hazardous, and it has no taste or smell, so it’s impossible to notice it without these detectors. Poisoning with this gas can even cause death, so installing a sensor is necessary, and the great thing is that these types of hotel security are becoming a new standard in hotels worldwide. 

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