Shopping Mall Security Services

Shopping Mall Security Services

Whenever you visit a shopping mall, you’ll notice security guards in their uniforms, either standing or walking around. You may have witnessed some of them catching a thief, but you’ve most likely never seen severe crimes occurring in a mall. Well, a security guard’s job is not only to prevent and catch thieves but also to ensure every individual, store, and asset around the mall is safe and secure at all times. Mall security services are positioned throughout the mall, ensuring that every corner of it is safe and providing asset protection. You can see them in halls, stores, parking lots, and garages. There are also security guards who work in control rooms, constantly monitoring video mall security services

Duties of Shopping Mall Security Officers

Security guards are a necessary part of every shopping mall, but let’s see what the typical duties of mall security services are:

Preventing criminal activity

For instance, mall security services are there to prevent crimes from taking place. They do so by constantly observing and monitoring the property and people around it. These guards are trained to notice any suspicious behavior and act appropriately. Additionally, even their presence can deter potential criminals since they’ll feel less confident in committing a crime if a person in uniform is keeping an eye on them. Lastly, they may be required to monitor employees during their working hours if a vendor suspects there’s a chance of burglary. 

Maintaining order

Shopping malls are usually crowded with people. Security guards are trained to maintain crowds in order, so if there’s a conflict between the shoppers during Black Friday or between employees and patrons, they can solve them. If needed, security guards can also escort people out of the mall efficiently and safely.

Patrolling the property

Security guard patrol stay in the mall even after working hours. During this time, they usually walk around the property and ensure that all the doors are closed and locked. Additionally, they check for any security issues such as floods or fires. During their night shifts, they are required to record any problems they noticed.

Monitoring surveillance equipment

As we mentioned earlier, some security guards are positioned in the control room, where they monitor video surveillance. Every corner of the mall must be covered with cameras because it’s impossible to place a security guard in so many places simultaneously. Therefore, the ones who monitor the surveillance must do it properly, stay alert, and notify their on-foot colleagues if they notice anything suspicious.

Promoting safety

Even the bare presence of a security guard will make employees and patrons feel safe. That way, they can put their worries aside and focus on their work. That’s why security services must stay alert and have quick reflexes instead of standing in one place and scrolling through their phone or giving away any distractions. During busy hours, parking lot security guards ensure that traffic is regulated and pedestrians are safe.

Writing reports

Security guards are required to write accurate reports during their shifts. If they’ve noticed a missing fire extinguishment, they should write it down and report it to their supervisors. Their reports are significant when a crime occurs because they can be used as evidence during criminals’ law enforcement. That’s why mall security services need to have written communication skills. 

Providing customer service

People often approach security guards asking for information about stores or directions. Therefore, they should be capable of providing customers with such information while having a friendly attitude. 

Providing emergency response

In severe emergencies, mall security services are the nearest source of safety for people around the building. Their duty is to keep everyone calm while directing them to the nearest exit. During these situations, the security guard needs to remain reasonable and prioritize his duties correctly. Lastly, they are required to contact emergency services as soon as possible.

Greeting people

After all, security guards are hired to represent someone’s name and company. Therefore, they should have a neat appearance, be kind, and greet customers as they walk in. In addition to that, they are responsible for access control of employees, patrons, and contractors. This means they should identify people who work at the mall before letting them in at the beginning of their shift.

Final thoughts

Mall security services significantly contribute to safety around the mall. It’s almost impossible to imagine a mall without security guards, and for a good reason. Please contact our company if you’re looking for professionally trained security guards who develop effective security services strategies to ensure that the mall, and the people around it, are safe.