Security guard services for your business in Miramar, FL

Security guard services for your business in Miramar, FL

Do you own or manage a business building in Miramar? If you have employees, staff, and customers constantly coming into the building, then you know how important it is to preserve their safety. Miramar hospitals and health centers, for example, must have security guard services as one of their top priorities—keeping patients and medical staff safe guarantees the hospital’s success and high levels of customer satisfaction. Are you looking for security patrol services for health facilities or other types of businesses? We’ll tell you more about how a professional security company can help you. 

Most common types of security guard services in Miramar

Unarmed security guards

Unarmed security officers are not allowed to carry any type of weapon. They are physically present in the area they are hired to guard, patrol the premises, monitor the security systems – such as surveillance videos – and make sure the establishment’s rules are being followed. Not carrying a gun does not make an officer less valuable. Unarmed security personnel presence alone, most times, is enough to deter criminals from transpassing or individuals from causing disturbances.

Armed security guards

Armed security guard services are needed for locations that request tougher security presence, such as banks, financial institutions, international airports, political buildings, and companies that handle valuable products. Armed security services are also primordial in high-crime and dangerous areas. Sometimes, it is better to have an armed guard to control a dangerous situation untie the Miramar police arrive. Hospitals often tend to hire this type of security service to guard their facilities and protect patients and staff.

Mobil patrol guards

Another highly requested security service is a mobile patrol guard. Instead of staying at one place, mobile patrol officers move around the entire premises while monitoring every area. This service is very popular in large establishments such as hospitals, warehouses, and large commercial buildings. Residential security patrol is also a top choice in gated residential communities. Mobile private security officers are always ready to respond to any emergency, incident, and request for help.

Stationary guards

Stationary security personnel’s responsibility is to stay at entrances, exits, barriers, or other specific spots in the building or area. These guards are often positioned strategically so they can see each other and the surrounding areas. These officers play a key role in discouraging intruders and criminals from trespassing. 

Does your business need security guards?

Every business should prioritize safety. One way to do so is by hiring a professional security company to handle their security system. Companies that handle expensive equipment, cash, or sensitive information can highly benefit from updating their security protocols. But any business must take safety within their company seriously, regardless of their line of work.

Hospitals, besides having valuable and expensive equipment in their facilities, usually also contain a lot of patients’ private medical records and personal information. Security guard systems, such as surveillance cameras and guards in the buildings, can prevent that delicate information from getting into the hands of non-medical personnel. Besides that, hospitals should be a place of rest to recover and improve one’s health. Patients deserves a calm and secure environment. Counting on officers patrolling the halls and parking lot security guards will give patients and their loved ones peace of mind during their stay at your hospital in Miramar. 

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Do you own a business and could use a professional crew to keep things safe and under control? Hospitals are at the top list of businesses that should consider hiring a security guard company in Miramar, Florida. Give your patients a safe and comfortable environment when they have to visit or spend some nights at your hospital. Our experienced company offers all the services mentioned above, from armed officers to private party security and patrolling services. Contact us to obtain a custom service free quote.