How to secure a door from being kicked in

Usually houses have the basic security system, which is door handles and standard latches. However, it is not enough to secure a door from being kicked in, because if a burglar is determined enough and has the right tools, they can easily break through. Therefore, you need to apply additional practices to secure your door, and although it may not be 100% efficient, it will delay entry and boost the door’s strength. If you have a security guard patrol or as part of gated community security, they can respond in time before intruders get into your house. These are the ways to secure your door from being kicked in. 

Upgrade the hinges and the deadbolt strike plate

The hinges and the deadbolt strike plate are key targets from burglars when they want to get into your house. You need a good deadbolt strike plate that holds together the doorframe, as burglars direct a lot of force to it. You should upgrade to a Grade 1 Deadbolt strike plate if you do not have one already. The deadbolt strike plate grades are three, with Grade 1 being the strongest while Grade 3 is weaker. The market is flooded with Grade 3 locks, and that is highly likely the one you are using at the moment. It is understandable that you might be using one, as not everyone has the know-how regarding deadbolt strike plate.

Another option for the deadbolt strike plate is a box strike. It uses a steel cap rather than the vulnerable rectangular hole. As you do not want intruders in your house, it is stronger and can withstand a high amount of force. You need to have longer screws, and they should be a minimum of 2 inches long. Short screws cannot hold the strike plate for long enough, and it will not secure your door from being kicked in. When replacing the screws, you do not have to adjust the strike place, but only eject them and add new ones to the position the old ones were in.

Strengthen the door frame

The door frame plays a key part in the ease of which burglars will access your house. You can choose between a wide range of door frames, for example on online stores, from your local supplier. Door frames are not a complicated set, but metal shields or strips that should be installed on your door. They usually come with hinge shields and strike plate reinforcements. If you have a strong strike plate and hinges you will not need them, but they will offer additional strength. You can also create your jamb shield at home, and you can look up tutorials online or find a professional to do it.

Your door needs a strong core

The quality of your door’s core matters, as you need a strong one to withstand a huge amount of force to prevent intruders getting into your house. Normally, people do not pay much attention to the core’s strength as they focus on design and simple security checks. You might find that your door’s core is hollow or weak, but has a good design. It is vulnerable to being kicked in and you need to replace it with, for example, a metal core. It will be hard for it to be kicked in, and you will have a reinforced door strength.

Reinforce the glass door

Glass is brittle and a burglar can easily kick it in. If you have a glass door, you should reinforce it, for example, with steel grills. You might have concerns on the aesthetic value of the grills, but you should not worry. There are many good designs of grills you can choose from, and they will have little impact on how the door looks. You can also request to have a custom grill done for you, depending on how you want it to look. Grills come with an added advantage on a glass door, as it blurs the vision, and one can hardly peek into your house. You can also use strengthening film, to strengthen the glass further, and it is a good alternative to the grills.

Avoid the standard door chain

It is a popular way for people to protect their doors, but it has glaring weaknesses. It is not strong enough to guard the door from being kicked in. You should avoid using a standard door chain and opt for a strike plate lock. The latter is more durable, and can withstand a lot of force, up to 50 strong kicks. A standard door chain breaks easily, and you cannot rely on it to guard your home. Installing a strike plate lock is easy, and you can do so yourself with the right tools. You can always look up tutorials online on how to do it, or find it in the manual that came with the product.

Have a security bar or door barricade

Security bar is one of the uncommon methods of securing a door, but it is highly effective. It maximizes the floor’s strength rather than the door, hence it gives more power. It is easy to install and simple to use, for example, you can open the door, by sliding it through the floor barrier. Security bar is highly reliable, and can hold the door more effectively when somebody tries to kick it in. It also works well with double doors, if you have any concerns of whether it will function with the two.


Everyday when you go out, you do not want or expect an intruder in your house. There are many ways to secure your door from being kicked in, with more inventions coming up every time. You should not rely on one method to safeguard your door even if you have a security guard patrol or the gated community security. You should find methods that best work for you, and install them in your home. Burglars take advantage of weak doors or security as they aim for valuables you have in your house. Your door should be somewhat impenetrable, even though it is difficult to be perfect because more advanced burglary methods can easily get through your door. Your security is important, and you should not be scared to invest in top door security.