What you need to know when hiring receptionist services

A receptionist is one of the first people that an organization’s visitor meets. When hiring receptionist services you expect the personnel to support the company to achieve its functions. Common responsibilities include redirecting phone calls, distributing correspondence, organizing front-desk activities, greeting and welcoming guests including the company’s employees. A good receptionist is multiskilled and they perform well in the customer service role. Some of the skills they need include flexibility, stress management, multitasking, speed, and handling emergencies. These are the issues you need to counter check when hiring receptionist services.

Prioritize organizational skills

Receptionists are part of a company’s brand, as they speak to almost all the guests that come around the premises. They interact with them to welcome them to the firm, organize meetings, or schedule their calls and appointments. A receptionist needs to have a high organization level, as they have to deal with many activities. If they cannot work on a mix of activities, then the job is not fit for them, and they will highly likely underperform. Good receptionists have a know-how of filing systems, are self motivated, and have a record of the important numbers such as emergency contact numbers, vendors, contractors, employers or co-workers.

Receptionists should be tech-savvy

Technology is a big deal in recruitment and also for receptionists like any other profession. The traditional receptionist only needed to handle the telephone, but currently, they may need to work with the computer more than just the basic word processing and email skills. As a company you may have your own systems, and you need the receptionist to work it out, hence, they should be competent to learn and adapt fast. They should also handle any problems that come with the devices and systems they are using,

Receptionists should be dependable

A receptionist’s primary role is to stay at the front desk at all times. As you hire receptionist services, be sure to get reassurances about dependency. Nobody wants confusion around the organization, when a receptionist is not there, for example, when they cannot redirect calls or schedule appointments when they are absent. A reliable receptionist is hard to dispense as they are handling their work well, as it keeps your business running.

A receptionist should have good listening skills

A receptionist interacts with people all the time in their role either in person or on the phone. They should have good listening skills to ensure efficiency by saving time and effort. Also, they can also connect better to the guests, and as the brand promoters, they place your company in a good place. It shows that receptionist service can make or break your customer service, because if it is good, the business will also flow well. Nobody wants to talk to a person that does not connect with them, as it is a huge turn off, yet receptionist services form part of your company’s face.


Receptionists get instructions, information or leads every time, and they need to be taking notes. Without it, they are not making good value out of their role, as they need to have everything running efficiently. Ignorance can make them forget what they should have done, and they can use digital systems, or jot down on their notebooks. Notes are key to organization, and it is something you should look out for when hiring receptionist services. It is one of the natural skills that no one will teach them, but they should have it, to ensure that they are sharp enough in their role. They can refer back to their notes later, and schedule their tasks appropriately. Therefore, in recruitment, simple skills such as note taking matter in the profession and to ensure efficiency.


A receptionist’s schedule is unpredictable, as sometimes guests can be many, while on other days they can be few, and the traffic also depends on the type of your business. In all the scenarios, positivity matters, as they have to deal with clients in the best manner possible. Clients want a courteous connection between them and the receptionists, and a grumpy or sour attitude will put them off. It might be difficult to maintain the same attitude all the time, but it is what it takes to be successful in the profession. An accommodating receptionist is a client’s favorite as they have a good time interacting with them and they associate it with your company’s brand.


Just like attitude, courtesy is a huge part of the job. A receptionist should be respectful to all the guests no matter their attitude or background. How a receptionist treats a guest determines what they think about your company, and how they will tell other people about your firm. Therefore, the receptionist service has to be flawless to leave a good impression on the guests. Also, it is also essential to create a feel-good environment around your organization, as they interact with the employees.

Dress code

The dress code is key to business representation. Receptionists should clad in official clothes, or have a wardrobe that fits your business demands. It should be consistent with what your brand represents. For example, an entertainment company might have a different dress code to a financial institution. There are many issues to consider in dressing including trendiness and fashion, and you should want your receptionist to be good looking to represent your brand well. They should be innovative and avoid extra casual dressing, and it is one of the issues you should always inquire about.


At Alert Patrol we provide you with the best front desk security services. We provide a wide range of services, and you can, for example, choose to have a security guard patrol. The role of the receptionist is evolving, but the service is indispensable. Receptionist services are key to your company’s brand, and also for the culture. The receptionists interact with your guests everyday, and their relation determines how your clients view your business.