Things to consider when hiring a nightlife security company

Finding the right nightlife security company for your club is more challenging than you can imagine. The party atmosphere paired with alcohol can have risky situations as a consequence. So that means you need to find professional people who can stay calm, control the situation, and in general be capable of dealing with challenging situations. We can see that the role of security guards is vital for such an event.

When you hear the word security guard, you have a picture of a muscular guy who decides who gets into the club and kicks out anyone who’s not behaving well. That is just one big stereotype. A security guard is someone who represents your “house” and keeps your employees and guests safe. They protect you as an owner by enforcing the rules and regulations of your club. And for the staff and customers, they deter threats, react professionally to problematic and dangerous situations, and assist those who have been offended by them.

Why you should consider hiring security

Crowd control

While the large crowd has its positives, it also has its downsides – more opportunities for disasters. One way to handle it is to maximize the number of quests the place can accept.


The environment of the club plays a big part in one’s behavior. You can’t affect the lighting, but you can ensure the parking area and sidewalks are secured.

Keep tabs on alcohol consumption

It’s essential to keep an eye on individuals that don’t know how to handle their liquor. If that individual starts misbehaving with employees and others at the club, the help of security is needed to pick out such individuals and diplomatically manage the process.

When you decide to hire a security guard for an event, depending on the size of it, the type of the party, and the potential risks, there are a few different options to consider:

Hiring a doorman

One of the primary jobs of security companies is guarding the entry. The doorman has several tasks:

    • check IDs to ensure everyone is allowed to get in (everyone is of legal age)
    • keep those who are already misbehaving out of the club
    • make sure everyone follows the club’s dress code
    • check for weapons and drugs before they make it inside
    • monitor the area around the club

Floor security

This team of employees at the security company works inside the club. They make sure no incidents escalate and keep everyone inside safe. Besides that, they have several assignments:

    • Asking misbehaved guests to leave
    • Removing misbehaved guests if they refuse to leave
    • Helping drunk guests find transport home
    • Calming the situation if a conflict between guests occur

Most duties of security companies don’t involve violence and confrontation, so your staff can do it, such as checking IDs and asking guests to leave. But that may be too much on your employees, so leave that to security guard services. Also, you never know what group of guests will come and what the night can bring. Just having a security guard visually present makes so much difference and discourages someone from thinking of making a problem. 

Qualifications you should consider when hiring a security company

Experience and training

One of the most important things you should look for when hiring a nightlife security company is their experience and training. Securing a nightclub is unique, so the company has to be experienced and trained for this situation. Security guards have to be trained to mitigate situations that can jeopardize the club’s atmosphere, like fights, arguments, etc. 


You can find any bulky guy and pay him to “guard” the door of your club. But that is not a great decision as it can be disastrous for your business. Make sure companies you consider hiring are licensed. It also indicates that the company is trained for nightclub situations.


Look for a company that has security guards who are always aware of the ethical code and can react professionally to heated situations (which can happen a lot in nightclubs).

Negotiation skills

The ability to stay calm, communicate to guests even if they’re under the alcoholic influence or the situation gets violent, and solve any problem that can occur is necessary. 

Physical appearance

This doesn’t particularly apply to one’s strength but overall appearance. Guard has to have confidence and a little bit of muscle. After all, sometimes it may be necessary to break a fight or make someone leave.


For a total presence and composure, guards need to have a clear body and mind. That’s the only way they can adequately react in any given situation.

Observation skills

For security guards, it is imperative to always be on the lookout. They should be able to feel the situation and step in before a conflict blows up.

A neat appearance

You want guards that are trustworthy, friendly, and experienced. But you also want them to follow a certain dress code, not wear flashy jewelry, and look overall neat.

Communication skills

Sometimes a good sense of humor can help lower tense situations. This is not necessary, but security guards mustn’t be sarcastic as that will not do good in such situations.

Final thoughts

You should always have in mind that the safety of everyone in attendance is the number one priority of nightlife security companies. These are all qualifications that must be considered when choosing the right security company for nightlife to minimize any potential risk. If a service lacks one of the above, you and your club can end up in trouble.

Nightclub security is there to ensure people have a good time with no problems and that nothing gets out of hand. If you’re looking to hire a security company that is professional and licensed, but you’re unsure of what services would be best for your needs, leave it up to our team of experts. Here at Alert Patrol, we can offer you a couple of solutions for any type of nightlife security. Besides this, we offer many other services such as private party security.