Night patrolling security checklist

Night patrolling security checklist

Conducting a security patrol is an essential part of the job for most private security guards out there. It’s a task they have to do daily to ensure the security of properties. In addition to that, they also have to keep track of their activities and write accurate reports during their shifts so that both their clients and their company can rest assured knowing the property they’re looking after is safe. Those reports are typically in the form of a checklist, and they tend to be quite long, as they contain a detailed list of every part of the property that needs to be checked. If you were wondering what makes a night patrolling security checklist, here’s a brief summary of it:

Windows and Doors Checklist

Although this task seems trivial and basic, it’s also a significant one. Ensuring that all the doors and windows of the building are safe and properly secured is the number one task on these checklists, regardless of the company providing security guard patrol services. Windows and Doors Checklists typically consist of the following few questions:

    • Are all exterior and interior doors furnished with suitable locking devices?
    • Are all windows correctly installed with a locking device?
    • Are basement windows protected by wire mesh, bars, or other such means?
    • Are all exterior windows and doors locked at night time or while the building is unoccupied?

Lights Checklist

Next up on our night patrolling security checklist is the inspection of lights around the property. Lights can be a critical factor in deterring the crime since wrongdoers are much more likely to convict a crime in the dark when neither security guards nor cameras can identify them. Here’s what security guards need to check when it comes to lights on a property:

    • Are outdoor lights installed to illuminate the exterior of a building properly?
    • Are indoor lights left on during the night?
    • Are entrance lights left on during the night?
    • If there are timing devices used to turn on the lights working properly?

Security Alarm System Checklist

Although night patrolling services should be included in every security checklist, security alarms are also essential to ensure omnipresence, document any suspicious action, notify security guards and property owners of any incidents, etc. Of course, behind every security alarm system, there’s a human being, ensuring that the system works properly and monitoring the area from the control room. That’s why security guards who provide night patrolling services also need to have a security checklist for the security alarm. The checklist typically consists of these questions:

    • Is there a security alarm system?
    • Did a licensed person properly install the system?
    • Does the system cover all areas of the property?
    • Is the system inspected regularly?
    • Is the system broken, damaged, or otherwise odd?
    • Is the security alarm system monitored from the control room?
    • Does the system sound in the building only during regular checks?
    • Does the system dial a cell phone, a pager, or security personnel during checks?

Parking Lots Checklist

Parking lots are pretty popular with vandals, especially at night. Therefore, they must be monitored throughout night hours. Parking lot security guards who conduct patrols either do it by car or on foot. Having adequate lit parking lots will make their job easier and more efficient. Parking lots checklists include the following questions:

    • Are all entry and exit barriers working correctly?
    • Are the parking lots and garages adequately lit?
    • Are there any unusual activities or suspicious presence in the parking lot?
    • Are zebra crossings hazard-free and safe for pedestrians?

Building Access Checklist

Security guards whose job is to secure a residential building don’t have an easy task; they have to ensure both tenants and the property itself. That’s why security guards should always be trained to patrol extensively, and here’s what they need to check regarding the building access:

    • Are all tenants aware of the procedures for allowing access to the visitors?
    • Are the kitchen, storage rooms, and laundry secured after business hours?
    • Are all boxes, ladders, and any additional equipment in the building maintained at a proper height?
    • If there are premises open for use 24 hours a day, is the movement from them to other sections restricted during night hours?

Final thoughts

As we mentioned earlier, a typical night patrolling security checklist is quite long and written in detail to ensure that there are no overlooked hazards. Reports made by the security guards should serve as valuable documentation for both clients and the security company. Still, it’s vital to hire a professional security company that can provide knowledgeable and experienced guards. Here at Patrol 51, we devote ourselves to training professional armed and unarmed guards that will be committed to protecting each clients’ assets. If you need additional information regarding night patrol services (or any other patrol service), please contact us to schedule your appointment.