What you should know when you hire a security guard for your private event

What you should know when you hire a security guard for your private event

If you’re organizing a private party, you’re probably already stressing about the music, drink, and food arrangements. The last thing you want is to add another duty to your to-do list, but let us assure you that it’s the most vital one – to hire a security guard for an event you’re planning. You may feel like this step is somewhat excessive, but taking the necessary steps to secure your property, guests, and personnel can save you a lot of time, nerves, and money. If your party hasn’t started yet, it’s not too late to hire a security guard for an event you are planning. We are here to help you recognize the need to hire a security for your private party. And most importantly, we are here to present to you what you are getting by doing that and what you should look for in a company that offers security services.      

Do you need to hire a security guard for an event?

We suggest you read the following questions; if you answer positively to most of them, you’ll most likely benefit from hiring security services..

Are you inviting a lot of people?

Wherever there is alcohol and a large group of people at the same place, and at the same time, situations may get out of hand quickly. It would be nice if you didn’t have to handle those situations by yourself.  

Are you afraid that uninvited guests could show up?

Party crashers can really spoil the mood, and you don’t want your party to be remembered by an unpleasant event caused by someone who hasn’t even been invited. 

Do you assume some of the guests may cause problems?

You invited a lot of guests, and you think some of them don’t get along, or some of them become aggressive when they consume alcohol. Either way, you don’t want to be the one who has to stop the fight; that’s why you should think about hiring a security guard patrol. So, you can relax, enjoy the party with your guests, and let the professionals solve security problems quickly and as discreetly as possible.      

Do you own a lot of valuable things?

If you have a lot of valuables you don’t want to lose, you should have someone take care of them through the whole night. It can’t be you, you will be busy hanging out with your friends, and because of the crowd, you won’t be able to keep track of every guest or uninvited guest.  

Do you plan to serve alcohol?

Alcohol is part of most parties, and some people need it to have a good time. Let’s say you plan on serving unlimited amounts of alcohol, and somebody’s drunk uncle doesn’t know how to behave while consuming it. You don’t want to spend the night looking after him. Also, you don’t want to spend the night taking care of a drunk teenager who took alcohol because nobody saw him steal the bottle from the bar. It wouldn’t be possible if someone were by the drink table to stop him. If you want every part of your property to be observed, you should take special event security planning into consideration.

Is one of the activities you planned gambling or something similar?

Money is often the cause of a conflict. And if you plan to organize gambling at your party, then you have to be very careful.  

Do you assume somebody will abuse drugs?

Although consuming alcohol can encourage people to make a fuss, keep in mind that drugs can do so much worse. This might happen rarely, but it needs to be handled by professionals.

What are you getting by hiring security at your private party?

If you still can’t decide whether to hire a security guard for an event or not, we are sure that the following few benefits you get by doing that will help you decide.

Handling the emergencies

When the party starts, your house will be full of people, and you can’t possibly tell if someone sneaked in. That uninvited guest can commit a crime, and you wouldn’t even be aware of it until the next day. And if you thought to yourself now, “But, I have cameras,” remember that cameras can help you identify a thief, but you can’t be sure that he will be able to return the things he took. The guards will act right away and protect your values. Even if you think nobody can intrude on your property without you knowing about it, you should hire security. After all, even the familiar guests at the party can damage your property.

Prevent unpleasant events

Even the presence of security guards itself will make the people think twice about making a problem. But, security guards will also observe the situation all the time, and if they notice some unusual behaviors, they will be able to prevent the unpleasant events from happening. And, even if such an event occurs, they will act immediately without dragging too much attention, so your party could continue in peace. 

Guarding a parking lot

We are sure that many of your guests will come to your party in their vehicles. And, if there are lots of people, there will be lots of cars. Someone has to look after the parking lot as well; you can’t do it unless you want to spend the night taking care of parking lot security instead of your guests. Security guards will constantly observe the parking lot via cameras. They will often patrol through your whole property. They will also react immediately to car alarms, and inform law enforcement if there is an intruder who tried to vandalize or steal someone’s vehicle. 

Keeping track of everyone who comes in

You can always ask guards to check guests’ identities at the entrance by asking for their invitations and checking the guest list. They will send off the uninvited guest, and you won’t have to deal with such inconvenience. Anyway, the entrances will be monitored, so it won’t be easy for intruders to sneak in. That means that only the people you want to see at your party will be attending it. 

Control of the crowd

Large groups of people can be challenging to control. And we are aware that alcohol can encourage people for violence, so you have to be cautious about your property and guests’ safety and the safety of your personnel, which helps you organize the party. Security guards will observe the situation, spot suspicious people or behavior, and act to prevent problems. Also, they could help your guests with parking or finding their seats if you like so.

What should you look for in a company that offers security services?

Experience and reputation

Of course, that doesn’t mean that companies that are new to this business aren’t good at their job. But it’s always better when you can see that security companies have a lot of content customers and that they last. 

License and insurance

You should look for their license details because you have to pay attention to legal matters too. Also, check if they have insurance, and stay away  if they don’t. Keep in mind that excellent security companies certainly have both, and they can guarantee that you won’t have to pay if anything goes wrong without your fault. 

Qualified and experienced staff

Security guards have to be highly trained and qualified for that job. You should be able to check that on the company’s website if they have one, so it would be great if you did that prior to hiring them.

Final thoughts

Suppose you are looking to hire a company that offers security services. We offer security services for any kind of event or property, gated community, private party, or wedding security. Let us take care of your event so you can fully enjoy it with your guests. If you need additional information, be free to contact us via phone number: 844-970-7655, or our mail address info@patrol51.com.