Gated community security tips every officer should know

Gated community security tips every officer should know

The gated community is an estate surrounded by walls or fences and protected by security guards, where guards strictly control who enters the estate. These estates are sometimes just streets and houses; they could be parking lots, parks, and precious properties. Studies say that many Americans fear crime, and property crimes are the most common ones. Because of that people want to feel as safe as they can in their homes, so it’s not unusual that they choose to live in safer surroundings. Nowhere is safer to live than a gated community, where they offer you security guard patrol all the time. 

When it comes to gated community security, the officers who take care of things and people inside gated communities must go through a rigorous training course for this job. Still, even they can find the following tips helpful. 

Tips every officer should know when guarding the gated community

  • Make sure the gated community is completely secured.

That means you have to be sure that no one can enter the property without you knowing about it. The estate must be fenced, and it must be impossible for anyone to come inside in any other way but the gate where you check that person’s identity.

  • Try to keep up with technology.

Don’t forget technology makes your job easier. Cameras and alarms can help you discover the issue faster, and you can prevent forbidden activity in gated communities. Recording cameras allow you to keep track of visitors and vehicles entering. That remains recorded so you can look for a specific date and remember some important details when needed.

  • Maintain contact with residents

Residents of gated communities should always feel free to contact security guards if they notice any unusual activity which they think threatens them, their property, or their family. It would be great if security guards could give a lecture about gated community security and security in general to residents. It would make your job easier, and people could prepare better for emergencies.

  • Act friendly with residents

Guards offer a personal touch to security; people wouldn’t feel safe enough if there were just gates. Acting friendly helps you get to know residents, and that will help you identify intruders, which means it would be harder for someone to sneak inside a gated community.

  • Practice frequent patrols

Try to patrol more, especially at night. Because at night, it’s easier to break in, and residents feel less safe. Also, try to patrol at a different time every day. That way, criminals can’t find out about your routine, and it would be harder for them to break in unnoticeable.

  • Pay attention

Every second try to keep your eyes wide open; you can’t afford to sleep on duty. So many things depend on you, and you have to be very careful. Pay attention to the situation inside the walls and pay attention to what is going on outside. Spot suspicious faces and vehicles around the estate, and keep an eye on them.

  • Attend all the necessary training course

Be trained the best you can; try to stay fit and healthy. You have to be familiar with your duties and responsibilities. Improve your physical skills, learn how to provide security, and put effort into learning how to act in emergencies.

  • Division of duties

At every moment, all parts of the gated community should be under observation, just one officer can’t guard all of it.  There has to be some division of duties between at least two officers depending on how big the gated community is. For example, while one is in charge of parking lot security, the other is in order of entrance security.

  • Be aware of problems inside the gated community.

Just because someone lives inside a gated community doesn’t mean he won’t commit a crime to other residents. A lot of guards make mistakes when they assume that residents are not threatened by each other. They pay attention only to those entering the estate but sometimes forget to pay attention to those already inside; criminals take advantage of that. That’s why patrol inside the community walls is very important.

  • Contact police

In an emergency, when you think you need help with handling the situation, be free to inform police about illegal activities in the gated community. Police officers will be there in a short time to help.

Final thoughts

Leaving in fear of crime is exhausting. There will always be concern about our safety, but you can lower it to a minimum. Do you want to know more about gated community security? Are you not content with the security services you are currently using? It’s time for you to contact Patrol 51. We offer highly trained and experienced officers who have passed rigorous training courses. While protecting your property, we are cooperating with law enforcement to ensure public safety. In case you need stronger security we offer you armed security patrol. You can also contact us via phone number 844-970-7655.