How can a security guard protect your factory?

How can a security guard protect your factory?

Factories are usually places that involve a large number of people, large properties, and numerous machines and equipment. All these factors carry numerous risks and require some form of security. Factory owners and managers are responsible for the safety of everything in the factory and overall security. To make this part of the job less challenging and help you understand what to look for when hiring a security company, our security guard patrol has provided a comprehensive guide about everything you need to know regarding factory security and the features that guarantee efficiency and meet your security needs.

What security challenges do factories face?

Factories are confronting many security challenges because of their crowded environments, the frequency of people entering and exiting, numerous offices and production rooms in factory buildings, expensive equipment and machines, important and sensitive data that the factory operates with, and many more others.

As the factory is a place of huge people frequency, the security challenges that factories face are obtaining a safe and creating a positive work environment where workers will be secure from incidents, injuries, and harm. That is only accomplished if you manage to establish and guarantee a safe workplace for employees by taking adequate and serious security measures.

Factories encompass different labor machines, technology, and computers for working. This equipment is expensive, so securing the factory from burglary, irruption, and damage of the equipment is another significant aspect that should be highly secured. Warehouses with supplies and finished products are yet another places that require security services.

Besides material goods, factories often face the theft of valuable information and data. Securing facilities with computers that contain important documentation and patents is equally vital for factories.

Should you hire factory security guards?

Yes, if you want your properties and employees to be safe. However, the types of security guards your factory requires vary depending on different factory aspects. The ones that best suit your factory safety needs can be determined by our expert team, which provides the security evaluations and analysis and recommends and develops security programs that will most efficiently protect your business assets.

8 benefits of hiring a factory security guard

Securing the main and side gates at the factory

Security officers at the main gates control the access of people and vehicles that enter the factory property; that is the first line of security. Security officers at the main gate check the employee’s identity and the authorization of the visitors. Their job is to welcome the factory workers but also to forbid the entrance of suspicious vehicles and individuals. Also, security officers must record information about visitors and provide them with guest cards. 

Besides the main gate, most factories have a few side gates for the supply, delivery, and export of finished products. As the side gates are places where many associates’ vehicles and workers pass by, side gates require a high level of security. Due to its traffic frequency, side gates are sensitive to intruders entering. 

Securing a warehouse

The warehouse guard’s job description is to survey the activities in the warehouse, monitor the exports and imports of goods, and inspect the goods that arrive before it’s placed in a warehouse. This way, security officers prevent goods manipulations and smuggling. Security officers in the warehouse ensure that everyone involved follows the procedures and factory regulations regarding the export and import of goods. The warehouse guard job description includes documentation regarding the delivery, identifying product codes and specifications, and checking the authorizations of delivery personnel and their vehicles.

Surveilling parking lots

Every factory has a parking area for employees’ and guests’ vehicles. Parking lot security guard duties are to surveil if vehicles are adequately parked and unauthorized persons do not occupy reserved places. The security guard’s position in the parking lot is to perform regular patrols to detect any suspicious activity. How often should a security officer do patrols depends on the size of the parking area and the number of spots with a high risk. Security officers will perform regular patrols if the factory works at night.

Patrolling inside the factory

Security officers inside the factory are an effective way to ensure employees’ safety and prevent incidents, intentional damages, and thefts. Security guard position inside the factory provides numerous security services.

  • Having a security officer on site is often enough to discourage and deter potential offenders, especially if security officers are authorized to carry firearms beside other security patrol equipment. 
  • Security officers control access in restricted areas preventing thefts of valuable documentation and properties.
  • They ensure employees are following procedures, rules, and agreed terms of the factory.
  • Security officers, if required, can check employees’ bags and bodies when finishing shifts and leaving work. That way, the factory ensures that no one takes anything valuable from the factory by smuggling.

Monitoring emergency risks

Security services that guards provide are beyond mere physical protection. Security officers efficiently recognize emergency situations such as fires, floods, and other safety hazards. Additionally, security officers are trained and instructed on how to react adequately in emergencies and are familiar with safety protocols. Therefore, security officers are also responsible for ensuring and providing health safety.

Trained to handle every unexpected situation

Security officers are highly trained to handle and respond to any emergency and possible incidents. Security officers undergo various types of training that provide the ability to adequately react to different situations, which also involves the evaluation of the risk and necessary actions that should be applied in order to handle the event. Our security agency has an established crisis contingency plan to respond quickly and effectively.

To perform their job, security officers are equipped with various tools. Security patrol equipment usually includes communication tools such as mobile phones, metal detectors for guards working in gates and entrances, and firearms. Armed security is usually required in gates, warehouses, and factories that operate with high-valuable resources. Additionally, armed patrol is a way to deter potential lawbreakers and provide a sense of security for factory employees and managers. Knowing that there is an armed security guard on site provides relief for employees so they can perform their jobs, and for other employees that intend to do something contrary to factory policy or illegal is powerful deterrence. Also, armed security is a warning for intruders and thefts that the factory is secured and to give of their tendencies.

Night patrol

This is an essential part of the security guard position. Regardless of whether your factory’s working hours include night shifts, the night is a time when most unpredictable situations occur; therefore, having a person on site that will alert the emergencies and incidents that might occur is crucial in providing the safety of factory assets. When it comes to night patrol, the ability to perceive suspicious activity on time is crucial. For this purpose, security guards perform patrol routes and check doors, entrances, hazards, and other tasks. Night patrolling usually involves armed security, but the security officers might also carry stun guns and paper sprays.

Security officers that secure the factory properties at night often have a night patrolling security checklist that helps them cover all factory features, risk spots, and hazards.

Factory security guards help in fulfilling BOMA standards

Factories are places that have to meet the Building Owners and Managers Association standards. BOMA standards consider different risk assignments, codes, electricity deregulation, and other aspects that having a factory security guard can help you realize.

Final thoughts

Security officers, with their duties and responsibilities, support other positions, processes, and the overall functioning of the factory. By using the integrated management platform, factory security guards ensure the safety and security of both factory logistics and supply chains. Therefore, If you are looking for a factory security guard to ensure your business safety contact us to discuss your precise needs and create an efficient security system with our experts. Our company is licensed and regulated by the Bureau of Security Investigative Services, which guarantees a high level of security services and makes us a reliable security partner.