Empty property protection: All you need to know

Empty property protection: All you need to know

Empty property protection tends to be a topic many people prefer not to talk about, mainly because you are not making use of that place. You probably won’t even bat an eye before somebody is already there; the least that could happen is someone spray painting graffiti on your wall. There is no need to wait until an incident happens; you have the choice to minimize repair costs.

What risks do empty properties face?

You might think there is nothing to worry about when it comes to an already vacant property – there are no valuables, and nobody is living there. So, why worry about it? Well, actually, a vacant property means that homeless people or travelers will most likely occupy it. It is more vulnerable to being vandalized. Without proper security, your property can become an easy target for trespassers who could and will leave a mess. Without any security systems, you will experience trouble with having to pay a lot of money for repairs, cleaning, or even having to file a police report to evict people from your place. Homeowners insurance can be a smart choice for you to feel safe, yet, that doesn’t mean no one will break into your property. There are plenty of security systems, such as alarms or having your property surrounded by a fence. Still, a security guard can be of great help to avoid future unpleasant situations.

How to secure an empty property

Typically, an insurance company doesn’t necessarily give you insurance for an empty property protection; getting insurance for a vacant property is more unlikely because homeowners insurance can protect your house when you are out and about. If you want to feel secure about leaving your empty property, these are some security systems you can make use of:


There is a chance of feeling more secure when one gets its place surrounded by a fence since it visually and mentally blocks intruders. When it comes to visual obstructions, they’re not inviting, but brave ones will still risk it. On the other hand, fencing will likely prevent certain intruders from just walking in and vandalizing your property. The combination of a high fence and barbed wire is excellent for keeping intruders away, but among all security systems, this is not accessible to everyone. They are expensive, and some places do not allow installing fences. Moreover, its defenses can be penetrated, and it can be harmful to people and animals.

Window protection

Windows are the easiest point to break into when vandalizing a property. They are, in fact, the most common vacant property security solutions. You can get window protection by adding steel bars. Even when you believe window bars can be efficient, at a certain point, gaps still allow access to window openings and provide an opportunity for vandalism. Another point to consider is that they may not be that aesthetic.

Locks and doors reinforcement

Inefficient locks and door reinforcement is another easy way of breaking into a property. Putting some effort into building efficient security locks and doors is essential. Having more than one and a good lock system is a good idea, but sometimes more is needed; adding metal door jamb shields and hinge shields can make a difference. As well as window protection, security doors may be kind of unsightly and robust.

Alarm systems

Alarms are helpful in letting you know that someone is on the vacant property and prompts you to take action. The alarm set-off usually involves action from the alarm systems center, but it can sometimes take a while before all in the system, including the police, identify what is going on and investigate. By the time the authorities arrive, the damage would have already been dealt.


Illuminated places give a sense of security. One can believe it is less likely for criminals to be there, but when the lights are not installed in proper places, it could lead intruders to that empty property. You can avoid having unexpected visitors in places that look more secure, but this is not guaranteed. Moreover, lighting systems usually depend on something other than us, such as the real estate system, which can be tricky.

Security Guard and Patrol Systems

There are still companies that offer empty property protection services. Security systems are not enough sometimes. To ensure your property is safe, it is a good idea to hire someone to watch over your empty property. Both security guards and patrols are good options when one is thinking about protecting property. They got you covered thanks to their prior training and experience. One key thing a security guard should know is how often should a security officer do patrols or what to do in a potential altercation.

Why is it important to have protection for your empty property?

If your empty property is far away, you might have someone who can be trusted to watch over that property. What if that property is more isolated? Who would watch over it? Security systems can sometimes be a little tricky, and they can fail without you even realizing it. Some components of the alarm system may need to be fixed; hence trespassers can roam freely.

It’s not just about trying to avoid damage; security systems are also about enforcing the law. With security guards patrols, any burglary or vandalism attempt can be immediately dealt with. Securing an empty property is somewhat similar to a warehouse security job description since the security guards need to stay alert even when it seems that no threat is present. The guards are organized and responsible in their duties; they also perform all the essential points of a night patrolling security checklist. They have to stop and report burglaries and provide daily reports at the end of their shift. Checklists contain activity logs, observations, and details on what the security guard undertook and noticed.

Final thoughts

There are many ways to protect your empty property, be it an alarm system or a security guard patrol; they all have their use. Having just one of these systems installed in your empty property will decrease the chances of a break-in, but is it enough? Our wide array of services at Patrol 51 will ensure you can sleep soundly at night. A security guard patrol can ensure your empty property remains empty. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a call with us and sleep peacefully tonight, knowing your empty property is safe.