What are the main construction site security duties?

In this developing and highly industrial world we live in, mistakes and losses can often cost a fortune. This is especially true for the construction companies that constantly need to build more to satisfy the demand and keep their businesses going. Although we might not think about it that much, the construction industry is a highly vulnerable subject to significant losses. The losses we sometimes hear about are typically thefts at the construction sites, but occurrences such as vandalism, injuries, fires, etc., often bring an even more significant loss. Therefore, construction companies need to ensure their sites by collaborating with security companies that provide security guard patrol services at all times.

One of the biggest obstacles preventing construction companies from hiring security services is their belief that they’ll be spending their money without a real threat or a reason. However, they must understand that omnipresent security guards can prevent them from losing significant amounts of their money. In fact, this industry loses around one billion dollars each year on the construction sites since they either have to pay for new equipment, their employees’ insurances, lawsuits, etc. Of course, business owners should feel safe leaving their premises in someone else’s hands and focus on their own work. That’s why both the owners and the security guards they’re hiring need to be familiar with all the construction site security duties: 

  • Patrolling for intruders.
    On-site construction security guards are highly effective since they are always visible to potential intruders. Their existence on a construction site is, by itself, often a deterrent to crime. Vandals, burglars, and any other unwanted visitors are far less likely to enter the construction site if they see a uniformed officer in their sight. Security guards are trained to be highly vigilant, alert and can spot suspicious behavior. That’s why they can react accurately and quickly to any potential on-site threat.
  • Running audits of site equipment.
    It’s safe to say that an average construction site contains a wide range of heavy equipment and machinery. These machines often cost thousands of dollars, from articulated trucks and asphalt pavers to excavators and backhoe loaders. In addition to that, they’re critical to a construction project. Hence, the security guards need to ensure that the equipment is readily available by regularly running site equipment audits.
  • Preventing theft and vandalism.
    As we mentioned earlier, vandalism and theft are well-known crimes that often occur on construction sites. However, a security guard must continually observe the ongoings within a construction site and prevent any crime by acting quickly in dangerous situations. Suppose a problem with a vandal, thief, or trespasser manages to arise. In that case, a trained security guard should follow a specific procedure to deal with the issue and contact the assistance if he determines it’s necessary. 
  • Surveying everyone coming in and out of the site.
    Construction security guards are often positioned at the construction site entrance since one of their main duties is to survey anyone coming in and out of the site throughout the day. Dozens of people visit an average construction site during the day, so it’s crucial to ensure no unwanted visitors. Frequently, there are also parking lot security guards who write down visitors’ names and direct them if needed. 
  • Monitoring video surveillance.
    It’s not unusual for business owners to set up cameras throughout their construction sites. Moreover, it’s advisable to do so. And, since these cameras are meant to help you keep an eye on everything, they’re pretty helpful for the security officers. Although the on-foot patrol is still needed, it’s convenient to have at least one security officer in the monitoring room. Video surveillance provides omnipresence to the officers, so it needs to be turned on during the day and during the night hours (it’s one of the most critical tasks on a night patrolling security checklist). Officers who monitor the video surveillance should be alert and communicate with other on-site guards.
  • Ensuring the safety of employees.
    Construction projects often have a rigorous deadline. Therefore, employees sometimes need to work longer or harder to fulfill the owner’s demands. And with all the rush and the pressure, the risk of someone getting injured increases. The risk of injury exists at all stages of a project, so security guards need to keep an eye on the employees and their colleagues and ensure everyone’s safety by preventing dangerous activities and behaviors.

Final thoughts

If you haven’t thought about this subject so far, we hope you know why security guards on a construction site are so important and their main duties. Not only will a professional security guard take good care of your construction site and all the people around it, but he will also enable you to focus on some other, more critical aspects of your business. Still, it’s essential to choose a security agency you can entirely rely on and feel comfortable leaving your valuable construction sites in the arms of experienced and experienced security guards, like the ones we hire here at Alert Patrol. In case you need additional information regarding the construction site security duties or are looking to hire security guards to protect your premises, please contact us.