Important duties of a concert security guard

Most concerts, sports games, and similar public events pass without any issues and are remembered for their good atmosphere and fun times. However, while fans at a concert might enjoy the event carefree without experiencing any unpleasantries, that doesn’t mean that risky situations aren’t happening – but being prevented – all the time. Concerts attract large crowds, sometimes in a confined space, and feature high levels of excitement, alcohol, and possibly even illegal substances, so the risk of incidents is high. Under such circumstances, some people may get out of control and turn violent or even unintentionally cause harm to others. That’s why security guard patrol experts highly advise hiring professional event security guards if you are organizing a concert or any type of public event. That way, you can ensure that the concert will pass safely and orderly and leave only good memories.

Potential risks you may encounter at a concert

A massive gathering of highly excited and possibly intoxicated people naturally brings concerns. But what exactly are the risks that may arise at a concert? In order to maintain everyone’s safety at the event, security guards must be aware of the specific factors that present risks. Therefore, we will discuss the possible issues that may happen at a concert which range widely in terms of seriousness. 

Minor disturbances 

Alcohol can cause people to behave unpredictably. Even an otherwise calm and docile person may get out of control while intoxicated. That’s why minor disturbances are a common occurrence at concerts. Verbal fights, pickpocketing, vandalism, and similar accidents may happen at any moment, and if nobody intervenes, they may even escalate into something bigger. That’s why concert security guards are constantly alert and prepared to respond adequately to any such situation at the very first moment.

Unintentional harm 

Even without any intention of causing trouble, large crowds can be dangerous. People can accidentally hit, push or bump each other, which can cause serious injuries. Also, people might faint in a crowd due to exhaustion or dehydration. In such situations, security guards react quickly and pull the injured person out of the crowd to be given medical attention.


 Personal space is virtually non-existent in a dense crowd, which makes people vulnerable to theft. Skilled and experienced thieves consider concerts a good opportunity for illegal activities. However, concert security guards closely monitor the crowd and are trained to identify any suspicious behavior that could otherwise go unnoticed. In addition to that, cars parked outside the concert venue can also be targeted, so it’s highly advised to provide parking lot security guards as well.


Adrenaline levels are high at concerts, so petty incidents can sometimes quickly escalate into violent confrontations among people. Such incidents are extremely dangerous and may even end fatally. So they can’t be resolved by anyone other than professionally trained concert security guards.

Obsessive fans 

Most artists love interacting with their fans, and most fans are enthused to get the chance to approach them. However, some fans take their passion to a whole new level. Obsessive fans are unpredictable and may even want to injure their beloved artists. Unfortunately, anything is possible. That’s why concert security guards keep fans at a safe distance from the stage and stay on the watch to ensure nobody manages to sneak backstage. In addition to that, professional armed security guards are necessary to keep the artists safe, especially outside the stage, before and after their performance.

Crowd surges 

One of the most significant risks to event security is crowd surges. For various reasons, a crowd may suddenly start moving in one direction resembling an ocean wave. People caught in the middle of the crowd are at extreme risk of injury or asphyxiation, especially if they fall to the ground. However, crowd surges can be effectively prevented by trained professionals. Concert security guards are specifically trained in crowd management and will ensure that these potentially fatal incidents never happen.


Unfortunately, many individuals and groups seek to cause mass terror and fatalities, led by various motives. Concerts and other public events are widespread targets for terrorism. If there is a lack of adequate event security, things can end tragically. But if professional concert security guards are present, they are constantly on the alert and closely monitor all the people entering the venue as well as the behavior of people inside the venue. If any suspicious behavior is identified, they are prepared to respond timely and appropriately.

Duties of a concert security guard

Being a security guard in any environment requires the proper training by the highest standards as well as several personal qualities such as physical fitness, observation skills, and the ability to multitask. Providing security at a large public event such as a concert is an incredibly complex task and requires the utmost professionality. So what exactly are the duties of an concert security guard?

  • Pre-concert planning – Concert security begins even before the concert itself. The first step is to develop a security strategy, examine all the potential risks, and create a plan of action.
  • Managing the crowd – From controlling the entrances to preventing crowd surges and helping people out of the crowd, security guards are responsible for the crowd during the whole event.
  • Responding to threats – Guards respond quickly and decisively to any threat that arises.
  • Limiting access to restricted areas – A safe distance must be maintained between the fans and the stage. Also, guards make sure that nobody sneaks backstage.
  • Protecting the performers – Obsessive fans are up to anything, so security guards ensure that the performers are safe before the performance, during, and after it.
  • Staying vigilant – Whether risk levels are high or low, security guards always remain vigilant and ready to take action if necessary.

Final thoughts

Concerts are memorable events. But to be so, appropriate security measures must be taken. Otherwise, they can turn into a disaster with possibly fatal outcomes. They are high adrenaline events that gather from hundreds to tens of thousands of people and also include alcohol and frequently even illegal substances. Under such circumstances, the likelihood of incidents is very high, ranging from minor disturbances to violence. So professional security guards are necessary to keep everyone safe from either intentional or unintentional harm, both the performers and the fans, before, during, and after the event. That’s a complex and delicate task to accomplish, so you must be certain about what to look for when hiring a security company to provide security services at the event you are organizing. If you are organizing a concert or a similar public event, get in touch with us, and our security guard company will ensure that your event passes incident free and orderly.