Armed Transport Services

Armed Transport Services

During transport, high-value assets can be particularly vulnerable to mishandling or theft. Regular transportation, which doesn’t include any specific security measures, has proven to be too risky. Therefore, experts from security guard patrol highly advise you to use armed transport services when it comes to priced assets. While that is usually associated with transporting money assets to bank vaults, various businesses can benefit from using additional protection while transporting their goods.

Who could use armed transportation?

Many businesses other than bank vaults could require additional security measures while transporting their assets. In fact, any goods of value high enough to put them at risk should not be transported the regular way. Amongst the businesses that use armed transport services are:

  • Treasury vaults
  • Jewelry stores
  • Art galleries that hold pieces of art of high value, as they are both targeted by thieves, and delicate and at risk of being damaged if mishandled
  • Pharmacies and medical facilities, as medications are a frequent target of thefts
  • Trade fairs and other special occasions when large quantities of valuable goods are brought to be presented at once
  • Manufacturing industries, especially the ones that use highly-priced raw materials, but also during the transport of finished products

What benefits does armed transportation provide?

First, using armed transport services saves your time and money, but before that, it saves you from worrying and stress, as you know that your assets are fully protected when they are the most vulnerable. This increases your company’s overall efficiency, as no time is spent dealing with stolen or damaged goods, which is also, understandably so, very expensive. In addition to that, using armed transportation provides full safety to your employees, who could, in such situations, be at personal risk. That way, not only is everyone safe from harm, but your personnel is also saved up and able to dedicate themselves to other tasks. There’s no room for taking chances when it comes to highly valuable assets, so armed transportation ensures an unobstructed flow of goods and services, guaranteeing that everything is delivered where it should and when it should, without any loss or damage.

It is also worth noting that armed transportation is fully insured. It is highly advisable not to hire any uninsured armored transport companies to transport your assets. Insurance adds an additional level of security for your assets and further proves the commitment and responsibility of the armed transport company. That way, your assets are fully secure while in possession of the company, giving you an additional sense of security. Not only will you be able to trust the company’s ability to protect your assets, but you will also be able to trust the company itself. It can’t be overstated how important that is.

Armored trucks

The specially designed armored trucks are bulletproof and operated by drivers specifically trained for the task. Armed transportation is an industry with quite a long history. Over the decades (and longer), the technology of armored vehicles has been constantly researched and improved, developing ever-increasing reliability. At the present moment, armored trucks are state-of-the-art security vehicles, safe, secure, and reliable for providing armed transport services. They are also, of course, undergoing thorough maintenance regularly. Security technologies are ever-developing. They follow the current circumstances and trends within the business and adapt to any possible challenges that security companies may have to deal with. Every bit of advancement within the field of research is put into practical use, paired with the constant advancement of training provided to the security personnel. Therefore, modern armored trucks are sturdy, reliable machines that ensure the safety of your assets.

Armed guards

The standards for becoming a security guard are reasonably high, and the personnel is hand-picked amongst highly capable men. Armored trucks are the tools for the job, but no job can be done without the right people with the right skills. That’s why it’s so essential for a security company to have highly trained personnel. Just as security technologies have been gradually developing and improving over the decades, so has the training provided to the security guards. In contemporary times, the threats and risks are getting more sophisticated, and new challenges arise for security guards tasked with protecting your assets and employees, so it is vital for their training to be in full accordance with modern trends and circumstances.

Therefore, security guards engaged in armed transport services are armed, equipped with advanced security guard equipment, and trained for the task. They are prepared and capable of handling any situation. If theft is attempted, they will effectively stop it and keep your goods safe. In addition to that, they are trained to detect suspicious behavior in their surroundings and recognize anything that may reveal that theft is being prepared and about to be attempted. That is especially important for the parking lot security guard, as transported assets can be particularly vulnerable when unloading them from the armored truck at the parking lot. That way, the guards can prevent theft immediately and contribute to overall safety in the area.

Patrol 51

Patrol 51 is a licensed professional security company providing services since 2004. We are available 24/7, and our network of offices stretches throughout the United States, protecting homes and businesses across the whole nation. Amongst others, we provide:

  • Unarmed and armed security guards
  • Personal bodyguards
  • Mall security services
  • Security at concerts and other events

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company and are partners with law enforcement. Our personnel is trained in accordance with the latest trends in the field of security and act according to a sophisticated plan of action to deter crime and keep their clients safe.